Current Designs Pisces

Does anyone know anything about these boats? Just bought one in pretty good shape for $400 cad. I know its old (probably late 80s?) and outdated design, but for a beginner boat. Is the price unreasonable? Is the design really unuasble today or are people just pampered with more modern tech?


Designed in 1982
Serial number should be back by keel or inside the hull in places you can’t readily see like under front deck.

Kayaks have been around for a thousand years or so, in some places the the same basic design was used for hundreds of years.
Just because modern boats are shiny and use high tech materials does not mean they are “better”. We spent the last 50 years redesigning paddles and now everyone is going back to traditional paddles. If it fits you and feels right, enjoy it, doesn’t matter when it was made.