Current Designs- Rumour

I owned a Silhouette…

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...and while it's similar to the Shadow, but a bit less stable, there's no comparison with the Rumour. The Rumour is MUCH less stable, due to a very different hull design. It actually has a small degree of negative rocker and the section with chines is very short. It is a challenging boat to paddle and is best suited to shorter, lighter paddlers with excellent balance. While Linda loves her boat, I could never get comfortable in it. Also, the negative rocker can make launching a bit of an ordeal.

I eventually sold the Silhouette because it required too much attention to keep it upright in tricky conditions, much more than the Nordkapp, Pintail or Anas Acuta. I've taken a couple of courses with Nigel Foster and watching him paddle one of his designs is inspirational, but they're an acquired taste and not suited to everyone. That said, you may love it.

Where are you located?
If you’re anywhere near Cape Cod, I’m sure that Linda would let you try her Rumour.

isn’t the Rumour that you/Linda have one of the original Foster ones and not the same as the one made now by CD?

Yes, it’s one of the Foster boats
Nigel has had his boats built by several manufacturers over the years (our boats were built in Holland), but the hull designs have remained the same. I’m pretty sure that Nigel is adamant about that when he licenses someone to build them.

The deck configurations have changed, except for the cockpit size. For example, Linda’s boat has oval Valley hatches front and rear, plus the day hatch.

you made me feel a bit better
for bailing on my Silhouette.

CD vs. Foster-Rowe
I’ve heard the CD Rumour is different than the original, not the hull but the cockpit. Someone In our area had tried the CD prototype and ordered it, when it arrived she turned it down. Apparently the cockpit was a lot bigger on the production model.

It’s odd your Foster-Rowe lacked thigh braces, my old Shadow had thigh braces so large they had to be cut back. Now they’re more aggressive than the walden and Seward models but I can actually fit into the kayak.

Personally I would love to find an Echo, but I think they only made 2 or 3 of them.

That’s certainly possible
The pictures look similar, but it’s hard to say unless you actually see both boats. The hatch configuration and deck rigging are definitely different.

I paddle a

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CD Suka. Not a Foster boat, so I'm not sure how different the feel between the Rumour and Suka is. The Suka is a little longer and wider. I really love it. I don't have much to compare it to, but I think it accelerates fairly quickly and cruises easily(better than anything else I've paddled, but I don't have access to many of the similar caliber sea kayaks). I'm usually passing plenty of people without a pile of effort. I'm comfortable(for someone without a lot of hours in rough water) in rough-ish water with it.

But maybe the Suka is night and day from the Rumour, I'm not sure.

From what I read back when I was researching kayaks, the Rumour will cruise move quickly for the effort you put in.

There is nothing else on the market…
…like the Rumour. It’s unique in its design and handling characteristics.

agree with bnystrom
I tried the suka. Interesting boat for cd as l recall, but something knocked out of the box for me, maybe no day hatch. But it is still a cd boat, designed with very different attitude about boat behaviors than foster boats. And the rumour, even more so it’s smaller cousin if you find one, are very old style foster.

As above, you have to get into these boats. The whiskey, designed more recently for I think point 65, is the only foster boat that might be a viable boat to purchase from a written description.

Solstice “ST”??
Do you mean the Solstice GTS?? This is the narrower version of the Solstice GT. Or…are you referring to the Solstice ST of about 30 years ago (if my memory is correct?).