Current Designs- Rumour

Does anyone have any experience trying out the Rumour kayak from current designs? Any information other than what’s available on the advertisement?

Tried it briefly
No conditions, but I would be surprised if it was not a boat that needed a good paddler if you were in the soup. Neat and spiffy feeling. It’s a Foster boat.

But check out if they have added thigh braces. The boat I tested had none, at all, and no padding under the deck. For me at 5 ft 3.5 in, I would have to actually build the thigh braces in so they came inside beyond the edge of the coaming to hit them. One person here did exactly that for a Rumour for his wife, but I don’t remember who they were. They’d likely have pictures though.

So is it pretty fast and sea worthy ?
Is it pretty fast and sea worthy? I currently have a Solstice ST and I wanted to get something more snug and pretty fast on the water. I can roll my Solstice easily when it’s fully loaded and it’s a beast. Is the Rumour hard to keep upright constantly though in terms of secondary stability? I am 5’6" tall and 140 lbs so I think it would fit me well. Let me know what you or anyone thinks.



Google "Nigel Foster Rumour"
Lots of hits from varied souces.

Define Your Terms (Expectations)

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is it going to be "fast" enough to keep with a group of competitive paddlers in Epic 16 K1s? No. Can it keep it with a group of average touring paddlers? Yes (provided you have the average paddler's "engine").

Is it "seaworthy?" Yes, depending on the skills of the paddler. Is an unloaded Rumour going to feel "tippier" than a loaded Solstice? Yes, but tippy does not make it less "seaworthy". Just different (and some would argue more "seaworthy" in textured waters than a loaded solstice).

I am 5'3" and about 145. I tried an unladened Rumour for a little bit and liked the fit of it for a production boat aimed at a smaller paddler. However, I liked the fit of my Greenland SOF more at 17'x19". I didn't find the "tippiness" of either to be bothersome (or a negative attribute). For me, both would feel livelier than a loaded Solstice (or my loaded Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro SOT) on a day paddle. But, conversely, neither the Rumour (or SOF) can pack the equipment needed for a week long camp trip that a Solstice (or Scrupper Pro) can.

Yes. I can roll my Scupper Pro (and am pretty sure your Solstice) but that's neither here or there with regards to the speed or seaworthiness of the Rumour. The issue is what is the likely usage that you intend for the boat and the attributes you require for that usage.


I heard the same thing
but I’m not sure if it’s just a ru…ERR, legend.

Best to try it
In fact I would say that about all of the Foster boats, except maybe the Whiskey but that is a lot newer design.

I can’t say that I have any time in the Solstice ST, but my first sea kayak was the Squall which is a Solstice hull. And that and the Rumour were night and day in terms of protecting the paddler from their own goofs. If you are used to a Solstice, it is likely that you will spend some time upside down in the Rumour in conditions at least at first. You could learn to like the boat or find it to be too much trouble. No way to tell from a computer.

It might be worth seeing if CD had any changes made to the hull - they have been known to do that - but the difference in design ethic between Foster boats and the Solstice series is so big that I would be surprised if if changed that a lot.

The reason my Squall was harder to roll than the NDK Explorer/Romany was that breaking by the secondary stability on the way back up required more oomph and better form in the Squall. The Rumour rolled up quite easily. So…

Yup… Agree

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Likewise, the Squall was my first "touring kayak", following my rec oriented WS CapeLookout (which I learned to roll in). Had no problems whatsoever with rolling the Squall. Being still relatively inexperienced, I just couldn't paddle the Squall straight for the life of me. And, I didn't want to be rudder reliant, so I got rid of it.

My next touring kayak, the Impex Montauk was vanilla fine but slightly bigger than I need. I test paddled a Vela which I actually I liked more for the fit and the predictable handling. I felt the same about the Rumour tho' it is a little tippier than the Vela (which again, I don't think it's a bad thing). Than I got into a Greenland S&G 17'x20", which tended to weathercock too much for my taste and led me to building a tighter and better trimmed SOF. The latter handled wonderfully for day trips and was fast enough for me to keep up with my occaisional paddling partners (tho' I increasingly paddled more solo than not, making "speed" irrelevant compared to it's "seaworthiness" for me).

Of course, I then got into paddle surfing and surf specific crafts and increasingly moved away from "touring" boats altogether. But, then I got into striper kayak fishing which them got me into SOTs - crafts which I think are actually quite versatile, not withstanding the categorical maligning by the SINK afficionado.

Anyway, blah, blah... As I said in another thread. There really aren't many terrible kayaks (at least in the mid and upper price range). It mostly comes down to what you want to do, the venue, your skills and physical attributes (and, of course, price range)that determine the "best" kayak.


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I paddle a Shadow
Not sure how similar the hulls are, but if they share any DNA here’s my take on the Shadow. The initial stability is very “loose” to the point of being almost nonexistent, but the secondary is rock solid. It kind of wants to rest on one cheek or the other, really easy to engage the edges for turning, and again very reassuring on edge. Have always been able to roll mine easily, does have a boxy shape in the cross section, so it can feel a little “sticky” once totally inverted. Seems to have volume in all the right places making it buoyant in knarly water. The flattish bottom, good rocker profile,and hard chines make it a blast in the surf but you have to be willing to trust the edges. Overall it’s a boat that will initially challenge you but can do a lot of different things well. I mainly use mine for touring these days, have to be mindful packing it easy to throw off the trim because of the light initial stability, otherwise a good tripping boat. Fun to paddle empty in dynamic water, kinda dances through the water, the hard chines let you feel every bit of energy bouncing around. It’s a boat you’re best off paddling often, can be tricky to just jump in every once in awhile and paddle well.

Vela vs Rumour

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We've been thru the same boats. The Vela is still my go to boat (and the poor deck looks like it), though I am keeping the Romany around for if I think I will need a rescue platform on a paddle. The tail of the Vela is not much use for a 6 ft 2 inch guy.

In case the OPer has been in a Vela, I would agree the Rumour feels less protective on its stability. Honestly, I have yet to find anything the Vela isn't pretty paddler-friendly in as long as you stay relaxed - some surf, haystacks over my head in a tidal race that was putting coaches upside down... she just bounces thru it no fuss no muss. I never had to brace.

But I am pretty sure I would have had the paddle out for some bracing in the Rumour.

I just read the post below on the Shadow, describing what we think of as primary stability as being very loose. I think that is a good description. I do remember that while the Rumour eventually stopped on the flat water, its response to an edge was to really go to an edge. Not halfway there like many sea kayaks do.

That was me
I added foam thigh braces to Linda’s Rumour. She loves the boat, but it’s challenging to paddle. Definitely not for the faint of heart or those with poor balance. It is pretty fast for a short boat.

Silhouette Paddler
As Johnny said above about the Shadow; the Silhouette paddles and behaves similar to the Shadow.

The Silhouette is the next size up from the Rumour in Nigel’s family of boats

Thanks for the excellent input
That really helps. The only thing that sucks is I can’t find one locally that I can try for now.

Probably faster than my solstice?
Do you think it’s probably faster than my Solstice ST, just curious? My Solstice S T is pretty fast for what I’ve experienced.

For Pure Speed…

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(If your "motor" is strong enough to maximize) the Solstice has higher speed potential because of its longer waterline at 17' plus and should be theoretically faster than the shorter 16' (and more rockered) Rumour. Plus, the Solstice's rudder will allow to the paddler to focus more on paddling than on corrective strokes and/or edging. (Take notice that most racing kayaks have a rudder rather than a skeg.)

However, coming back to your "seaworthiness" which I take to mean controllable and more easily adaptable characteristics in more "challenging" conditions (again provided a paddler's skills and confidence), than I would give the edge to the Rumour. In rough conditions, the Rumour may actually perform "faster" than a Solstice.

Horse for the course.

Is your priority only speed?
If so, for your size the Foster boat to consider is the Silhouette. Similarly to the Solstice it is a tracker. It should be a faster hull than the Rumour. It is also still a Foster boat in its stabilities.

Why did you you start the discussion about the Rumour. It doesn’t appear that you have one under your nose. Are you looking for a new boat? If so, what are your criteria in terms of importance?

I am looking for a new boat
I love my solstice ST, however I want something that is more snug in the cockpit and a little lower deck then my Solstice. Over the years my skills have improved to where I want a more challenging boat. I like the rumor for its versatility and it’s certainly a lot lighter.

I need to try it first
I need to try out a Rumour first however there’s none in my vicinity.

Silhouette Cockpit
I’m 5’ 4" and 135lbs and find the cockpit on the Silhouette fits me well. It has a low deck. I did add thin hip and thigh grip shims. The Rumor should be a lighter boat and be more playful giving you more seperation from your Solstice.