Current Designs Seat Mods (Danish Boats)

Having searched a bit, I can’t find any advice or experience with the modification (not replacement) of a Current Designs - Danish boats (Prana, Sisu, Karla).
Specifically I’m looking for more thigh support - longer and with a bit of elevation. I might be interested in a new seat pad too - if it did not appreciably add to overall of the hull seat height.
Anyone have any practical experience?

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean more contact with your thighs? Maybe thicker padding under the thigh braces? I ditched the pads on all my CD seats. I am assuming your seat is similar?

I looked your seat base is the same as all mine but they have the back band. You can move the seat base but it takes some work.

Google Photos
Seat base is set in silicone. On the sides three pop rivets 8nto the coaming legs.

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I cut the combing legs out made them wider then moved the seat backward. Also installed wide base seat so combing legs are farther apart to accept the wider seat.

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You can raise seat but you’ll probably feel the difference in stability. I do feel better stability with pad out. My but slides better with core rotation on bare plastic seat.

Thanks PaddleDog52.
I was not very accurate in the information I’m seeking.

I’m looking for more support to my thighs where they come off of the seat bottom. In a modern car this would be akin to the control that raises your thighs (and in the really fancy ones even extends out to support more of the thigh as it come of the seat bottom).
Beyond that, I’m really keen to hear about mods like yours (thank you!) just to give me some idea on what’s possible.

Seat base is a little flexible. There is one wedge in the center of the seat and seat angle is controlled by that. The wedge is bedded in silicone also. You could add to wedges made from minicell under each outer edge of the seat which would lift it a little. Center one could be cut loose fairly easy also and probably lift the entire front edge a bit. I’d have to pull one of mine up tomorrow to see how much give is in the seat. You could lift the entire seat up if you removed it and reinstalled new pop rivets and placed rear of the seat on some 1/2 thick mini-cell. It’s a fair bit of work for an experiment. Maybe a thicker seat pad or a sheet of 1/2" mini-cell under your existing pad. It should be held in with 4 push pins that you can remove. They are replaceable automotive pins easily available if you damaged them on removal.

I use mini Cel foam to build up the areas I want more support and then my main pad goes over top of that to get the supporting contour I need. Generally I am removing foam from the sacral areas and where the sits bones make contact and adding in around the thighs and sides. The added foam buildups get me up a bit from the seat also. While that makes boat less stable, it gives me more precise control

You can use cheap pool noodles to play around with fit. My experience has been that you don’t need as much ‘lift’ as you think, and the pool noodles are an easy way to experiment.

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