Current Designs Solstice GTS Question

Can anyone tell me if the Current Designs Solstice GTS High Volume means it is just bigger in the cockpit than a regular GTS??? Would the High Volume boat hold more gear??? I couldn’t get a good answer from the guys at C.D.

I am looking for a glass boat with rudder to replace my C.D. Storm. I want a boat that is about 22 inches wide and will hold a lot of gear…I am 140 lbs. and 5’6".


Seaward Vision
Holds a ton of gear, a little beamier than what you may be looking for though…

Regular Solstice gts holds a lot of gear

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Mine holds a lot of gear. It's longer than most boats at about 17.5 feet and it doesn't have a Skeg. So I'd guess the HV would hold even more gear which would be a LOT of stuff.

Thanks I fixed the post.

I expect that you meant to say it has a lot of space, and it doesn’t have a SKEG (which can take up space in the rear hatch). The GTS is typically equipped with a rudder (though I know some who have removed theirs.)

Thanks for the ideas!!!
I had a Valley Nordkapp…awesome boat that would hold a ton of gear…fast… but in a crosswind I would edge the boat and sweepstroke all day…kind of tears your shoulders up after awhile. I guess I didn’t sink the boat into the water enough…and it was kinda long. I am getting too old for trashing my body!!! With a rudder I can use my Spirit sail too…


HV vs LV…

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..I'm no expert but from my reading of info ....the only diff , very basically and hull mods aside..... is high volume boats got a inch or 2 of extra deck height built in ....IE: maybe like a 13" deck height for a HV boat vs a 11.5" deck height for a LV boat. IMO..the extra deck height just accomodates bigger feet/bigger people. realistically, how much xtra cargo can a HV really hold vs a LV model? is that extra 2 " really gonna allow you to carry a BBQ vs a jetboil backpackers stove?

paddle it
At your size I’d definately paddle it first before I’d buy it. I’m 6’ tall and the deck gets in the way of my stroke.

Of course I’d highly recommend paddling any boat, specially for the price of a new one, before I bought it. There “are” dealers that will let you try the boats first, good ones will insist that you do.

Bill H.

Do you really need a high volume boat? Are you paddling on long expeditions?

You’re a fairly small person, and since you’re concerned about trashing your body, I’d be concerned that any boat that large is going to be a handful to control - rudder or no rudder. You’re pushing a LOT of boat around.

You also mentioned that you didn’t sink the Nordkapp down in the water - were you carrying less gear than you expect you’ll usually be carrying in this new even higher volume boat? Otherwise I think the GTS HV will be even further out of the water, and accordingly difficult to handle.

Paddling a too-big boat is a lot of work. Have you tried some size-specific expedition boats? Like an Explorer LV, or Nordkapp LV, or Aquanaut LV? I’ll bet they’d be faster for you, and maybe you could make some gear changes to fit into the slightly smaller space (one of the down-filled air-mattresses, for example, instead of a thermarest). Your body might thank you later.

Gear Capacity
We do trips of 7-12 days in length…Lake Superior, Georgian Bay, North Channel of Lake Huron, etc. I have a Slipstream and Avocet for day paddles and play boats. On trips we are each self-contained so I need to carry everything for that length of time. I am working on paring down my gear so I can fit in a smaller boat.

I just read the Sea Kayaker magazine review of the newly re-designed C.D. GTS…sure would like to test paddle one…I do have hard time paying over $3,000 for a boat though!!! Lots of used ones out there for well under $1800…


Regular GTS holds gear
I have a GT and a GTS. The regular GTS holds gear for 9 days easily (did that last year, with nothing having to go on the deck). Plus, the redesign (this year) has a slightly larger cockpit. At your size I would avoid the HV model unless you are serious about multiweek trips on a regular basis.