Current Designs SOT

I’m looking for a fast , light SOT. Those of you that own this boat what do you think of it and is it fast? FishHawk

If you mean this boat, its neither light(60+#), or fast(compared to my old T160i), but its a damn solid, well made SOT, and great for fishing!

Kestral 140 SOT
I think you mean this boat. I’ve owned one for 2 years. If you are looking for something that is fast, this is a great kayak. Mine also seems well made. No complaints in that regard. I’ve paddled all kinds of SOTs and this may be the fastest. It is also very light and easy to transport. However, it is tippier than I am used to given that it is only 26" wide as compared to 28"-31" of most other SOTs. I frequentely use it in the ocean and it handles most swells and chop ok. Given that it doesn’t have a high bow, it tends to submarine a bit into high chop or waves that are about to break. Lately, I’ve put stabilty over speed and have been using my other SOT, which is 31" wide, more often than the Kestral. I generally padle alone and feel safer in the wider boat. Good luck.

kestrel 140 SOT
i picked one of these up used recently, after parting with my surfski…

i needed something light and easy to car top solo, and needed something i felt comfortable paddling solo in, at least in protected waters…

the kestrel 140 SOT certainly fits the bill. it is reasonably fast, and i didn’t find it tippy at all (but i am used to paddling and avocet, and was pretty steady on my surfski in flat water)

personally, i don’t like how deep the seat is, with the angle for the legs, and feel it interferes with the best possible forward stroke, but it’s doable,and since it’s an sot, you can wiggle around:) i changed the thigh straps and took out the seat, and use a swoosh pad in the “bucket seat”

hope this helps some & have fun!

A fast CD SOT
I saw one that looked great. A little birdie told me it was being introduced at this year’s OR show.

A Possible Alternative - RTM Disco

– Last Updated: Jul-16-08 12:25 PM EST –

I was thinking about the Kestral, but bought an RTM Disco instead. I never got a chance to paddle the restral.

Its about the same basic specs, 14' long by 26" wide.

Cost was one factor. The RTM is only about $6-700. Less than half the price of the Kestral. Even after I paid $190 to have it shipped from Florida to California, it was still a lot less.

The RTM is plastic, so its not as light, but still only about 50#. I find it very manageable by myself.

I have both plastic and composite boats and there are advantages to plastic. You just don't have to be so careful with it, so its easier to handle off the water. I will drag a plastic boat up into places I won't drag a composite boat.

The Disco got rave reviews from small and medium sized boaters on the east coast, but more mixed reviews from paddlers over 200#, which included me at the time I first paddled it. I had concerns that it had capacity to handle that much weight. I lost some weight, and will try it again, sometime...

If I still don't feel comfortable in it, it will make a great step up for my granddaughter.