Current Designs Sratus ?

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Does anybody in a 200 mile radius of Huntsville Alabama have a Current Design Stratus that I could sit in to check for fit? I have a friend that has one for sale but it is 600 miles away and I would like to at least sit in one before I buy it.

Stratus = Freedom (hull at least)
The CD Freedom is the same hull as the CD Stratus if I am not mistaken, except the Stratus has bulkheads and hatches and is heavier because of that I presume.

So, may be, look for a Freedom, which may be more readily available at dealers (as it is a “current” as opposed to a discontinued model) and draw your conclusions from paddling it.

I am more worried about fit. I am very average at 5-10, 185 pounds but was concerned about the knee room or comfort on long trips. I have paddled a WS Tempest 170 and found it comfortable so if it is in that class I will be fine. I am happy with performance reviews and will live with anything if I can fit into it.

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I test paddled the Freedom earlier this week. And I own the Tempest 170 in plastic. I’m 6’4 at 190 so not directly comparable to you…

The Freedom has a very long cockpit. But - Not sure if it is the same as the Stratus! The Freedom is targeted and built as an exercise boat and the Stratus as fast sea kayak. If you can find the specs for both it might help determine if my observations of the Freedom carry over to the Stratus or not…

The Freedom has knee braces on the side that are usable but spaced wider apart from each other compared to the Tempest. If you have sat in an Epic 18x or 16x - it is the same. Kind of if you cut-out the protruding knee/thigh braces on the tempest and just live the under-deck padding on the side of the cockpit. These braces are OK for occasional bracing, but I think the boat is intended to be paddled knees together most of the time.

The seat on the Freedom is also competition style with no backband. Comfortable but does not give the same leverage as the Tempest suspended seat along with the hip braces give you - the seat in the Freedom does not have side support, only is cupped at the back to substitute for the lack of a backband and to allow hip action.

I also found the stiffness of the hull very lacking - it flexed a lot, perhaps because it did not have bulkheads but also the walls are rather thin - the cocpit coaming flexed for instance where the coaming on the CD Extreme did not.

But, my paddle session was only about 15 minutes so my impressions are limited…

Hey Randy

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I've paddled a Stratus for 3 years and I'm 6'1"/188lbs, 34" inseam. I have plenty of room for long paddles and though it has no tradional thigh braces, I can easily brace/lock my knees under the coaming for a roll or control in the rough. There is a stop or two left on the pegs forward of were mine are set, you should have no problems. Not a bad design at all, only wish Kruger had given it a finer entry, not quite sure about the 'icebreaker bow', think a lot more speed would have been available with a sharper entry. Kind of reminds me of a bow on a whiteH2o canoe! It's rather blunt, woulda liked to have seen a more radiused, sharper entry up front if I could change anything on the hull.

The Stratus has none of the flex that Kocho is talking about, it seams rather stiff to me, and I have Kevlar lay-up also. Some mention the Status as being tender and not able to take a load, but I have to disagree here. I'm no expert, but I think it's rather stable, much more so than my Pintail. And as far as carrying a load, I've totally loaded it down with split fire wood to take out to our winter fire pit on our favorite lake for our night time paddles. I had a LOT of wood weight in that boat, every compartment was stuffed and it was totally fine, albiet slower. It became super solid with the stupid wood load, so I'd have to venture it would have absolutely no issues what so ever loaded with any kind of tripping gear! I've used it (since a downed tree damaged my Vivianne) as my windy day surfing tool and it's also an able, yet longish hull in the rough, though not as able as the Vivianne or Pintail might be. It really doesn't take much time to feel comfortable in.