Current Designs Stratus 18

went out in one today,cool kayak, another boat faster than me but definately worth trying out for the racing types,looks like a better execution than Daggers attempt at a racing kayak or the Looksha II for flat water races. The only thing I’d criticize is the use of push/pull footbraces. I could see why folks like underhull rudders for very slippery kayaks.

Quite a Quick Boat
A friend borrowed one for the Blackburn Challenge, placing second in his class. Interestingly, he inserted two bolts padded at the ends into the rudder ‘control arms’ so the boat had limited range of rudder. Since he’s a skilled instructor well versed in edging, what this allowed was a more stable platform to push against with the sliding foot pedals as each reached the limits of its travel, while still allowing a degree of directional control, albeit in a limited range. He had nothing but accolades for the boat, shaving a significant amount of time off his results from last year. Too bad there is no other manufacturer producing a system like the Seal Line. The concept is/was a good one, but the plastic rails and rudder housing needed more R&D, or just further time and ‘tweaking’ for the kinks to be worked out. Sliding foot braces/rudder controls are no fun in a racing/performance oriented boat.

Just saw one in the shop down here…
Next time you see it open the front hatch… kinda neat…

Don’t think I’ll try it… learned my lesson, going cruising…

Talk to Patrick at Onno,
about his gas pedal system, great for that type of boat.


not for me but it’s confidence inspiring
regarding Current Designs priorities. Now all they have to do is get the Scirocco to weathercock a bit less,or make the skeg more effective. Make a Meridian like Gulfstream that’s a smidge longer waterline.

not bad boats but updating useful
I would agree, the line just needs some updating.