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I got a great deal on a Kestral 120 TCS for my daughters upcoming 12th birthday last night. Its 5 years old and has never been in the water. The boat is super clean and solid with the owners manual still attached to the seat from the factory. However, the black seam has a clear outer layar over it that is peeling off as well as missing a small section about 1/4" long. I believe its strictly cosmetic at this point and from briefly looking at it the seam appears to be some type of tape product. Does anyone here know for sure what the seam is? If it is a tape where can I buy it? I would like to work on it this weekend if possible but it may have to wait until after I can call CD on Monday. If all else fails I may just get a roll of 3m Scotchlite black reflective tape and cover the entire strip. Perhaps this would be my best bet regardless for the extra safety.


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I believe that clear tape is just a protective layer to prevent the black seam from getting scuffed during shipping of the boat when new. If the black seam covering is intact, then there's nothing to fix - just remove the clear tape.

I hope you are correct
I bought it about 4 hours from home. I didn’t get it back to my house until 1am. I had to be at work by 6am so I wasn’t able to really look it over good. I plan to clean and wax it when I get home so I will be able to look it over better then. I really want to put it in the water and take it for a spin but I will let her give it the maiden voyage.

protective tape
it’s for transport during shipping.

carldelo is right.

Just take it off.

I searched the net high and low and began to think this was going to be a bigger project.

Not a seam
The Black strip is not the seam. The seam is a lap joint between the hull and the deck. The black strip is ordinary 3M automotive striping and yes, the clear layer usually peals off prior to the tape coming off. Even if you remove all the tape, the seam is still pretty attractive looking.

Close to the end, CD began using a plastic H channel similar to their composite boats before abandoning


Thanks for the feedback
I was able to spend some time cleaning the boat last night. I peeled the clear back and it looks like new again. I did order a roll of 3m scotchlite 680 reflective tape that I am going to run around the seam for added visibility in low light conditions. Just a good coat of marine wax and a ribbon and it will be all set for her twelfth birthday.

Don’t bother waxing :wink:
Unless it gives you some sort of inner satisfaction or it is scuffed and you want to make it shiny again -:wink: