Current Designs Vision 140 Legroom

In looking for light weight slow river/small lake kayaks, I have become interested in CD Vision 140. Currently use a 10’ flatbottom kayak for some shallow river paddling but want something for a bit more water. I have a 40" cockpit now which is fine for my 6’3"" height and 175lb. Will Vision 140 have leg room for me at 35" x 17" keyhole and 12" depth?

Check the CD site or call them.

Depending on were you live… I would sit/paddle one before buying.

Where are you located?

Might Be Tight
I’m 6’ and 200. I float a Whistler which I just LOVE.

However it is none too large for me and you are taller trying to fit into what appears to be a smaller yak. Call the factory or find a place to sit in as previously advised. My first impression was the Whistler was tight but after adjusting things it is perfect. Foot room may be a deciding factor.

I am in Roch MN and can go to CD in Winona or MPLS to find one to sit in. Was told by someone 6’4" at CD that they had plenty room so it is at least worth checking out for me. thx.