Current Designs Whistler

I have a chance for a Whistler 14’6" at a really good price $300.

I want such a boat for longer river camping trips but the 60+# weight is a bit off-putting. Maybe that is why he is selling it so low at the height of the paddling season??

I’d rather have a Tsunami 14 but these are hard to find in my price range so have to settle until a WS comes on sale.

Anyone have opinions on this boat?

Tsunami 140
isn’t any lighter, really.

Typically, when something is that cheap I tend just to buy it. If I don’t like it I’ll sell it for what I paid and be out nothing.

Current Designs…
catalogue puts the weight at 57lb, not horrible for a high quality, 14 1/2 foot, 24" wide poly boat.

I’d say that $300 - if the boat is in decent condition - is a steal.


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The Whistler is quite similar, probably the poly version of the Pachena. I have one of these and will never sell it, it's just a really reliable and comfortable boat - you can put anyone in it. For $300 I would jump at it - you can always pass it along for the same price at the end of the summer as Fred said.

it is a 2 hour drive…
Lots of reasons to sell it for that price.


*he is getting too old to paddle and giving up the sport.

*he got injured and is giving up the sport.

*he bought it used and realized it was too much boat for day trips

*car got smashed and he needs cash to fix the thing.

*Kid needs money for rent today!!!

*wife is screaming about that boat that he bought and never uses.


*he found it on a lake and is trying to sell it before the owner shows up.

*he trashed the boat via UV, rust on the cables, rocks, etc.


*the ad went up yesterday so him willing to drop $20 and meet me in Tempe is curious but not unusual.

*the ad went up yesterday so I may be the first responder.

Still a 2 hour drive for a oat that may have been trashed?? I have asked for pics and last-4 serial number but am assuming that it is in good condition.

*No pics, just an ad from the internet describing the thing. And yes, I did ask “why selling” and “can I have pics”.

It was in amazing shape. The bow grab-handle was broken but I have a box of extra parts, bolts, pad-eyes, etc so put a temp handle on until I can gat a CD one.

The guy was NOT nice but neither was he really dishonest. Just a jerk So I loaded it, gave him money and left.

Did some mods like adding extra pad-eyes, venting the bulkheads, moving the hatch cords to better places, making a doggie-deck, the usual.

Took it on Silverbell lake and it was tippy.

Then took it to Patagonia lake with an ex-gf and got used to the boat in wind, current and speedboat wakes.

Last weekend, I test-packed it withy my camping gear and extra junk and all fit well.

I like the open cockpit and the high foredeck.

Still need to do a camping trip to really test the boat.

Ken, a 20-yr old kid, wanted the boat but overslept and I was on the freeway before his alarm woke him so his loss.

All in all, I think I got a good deal.

Now to buy vinyl pirate decals!!!