Current Designs Willow vs Cypress

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T & I went to a kayak demo paddle today. GREAT FUN! I went to try the new CD Kitsilano. Tried it and was impressed. But then I tried the new CD Cypress and was very, very pleased. It was quick and fairly nimble for a 16'9" boat. The seat was extremely comfortable. Its new this year and is around $3000.00.

Looking through the catalog, I saw that the Willow appears to be almost the same boat, just a foot shorter. The Willow also is a 1/4" deeper than the Cypress.

All else being equal, does one foot length make that big of a difference in open water?


Most diff is your size

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The shorter boat may also have a wider beam and make for a boat that is slower off the mark, or be narrower and zippier. Length is only one measure in addition to details of hull design and the way the boat fits around you.

How big are you?

Sizing things up
Hi Celia!

You and Watersprite helped me learn how to get in and out of my boat at a dock. Gotten pretty good at it and share your advice every chance I get. Also tell folks where I learned how to do it.

Okay, BOTH boat are the same except for the length. I’m at 160 now, but have joined a wellness center and working out. I hope to get back to about 140-145.

The Cypress really fit me well. I could easily sit in this boat for long periods of time without discomfort. That, to me, is very important. I have not paddled the Willow, but due to the simularities, am making the assumption that it will feel the same.

I’m only 5’4" and wanted to stay at or under 16’ originally, for manuverability. I must say the Cypress has me smitten. BUT it is new this year and around $3000. The Willow would be under my length considerations and can be picked up for $500 or more less than that. This model has been out for a couple years, so there are more options for purchase (new or slightly used).

But if the longer boat is going to make that big of a difference in usage, then I guess I just save up a few more pennies.

Hope this additional info helps.



Looked at the specs

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OK - just my uninformed-by-paddling opinion remember. I looked at the specs for each of these boats. The Cypress has a sexier length to width ratio. And the diff in that makes it a significantly different boat from the Willow. I really like even that small drop in deck height from the Willow. It is probably plenty high for you to have motion for a good forward stroke but still give decent contact.

But all of this is preference and kinda academic. I'd suggest that you go for the most important thing, which is that you had a really great response to the Cypress. It is a little more challenging but obviously that didn't bother you on the demo, so it's not going to be a problem later.

Sounds like you got the "it" feeling with this boat. That is always the best gauge of a boat that you'll enjoy and will do you well. You'll be happier saving your pennies for this than spending still considerable pennies on an almost-good-enough boat.

If you come across one, you may want to get into a P&H Vela. It's a different boat than the Cypress in many ways, but it's big on zippy. Don't wait for that though - it has always been a niche boat so it isn't exactly common to come across them. I mention that more as something that you might find to be fun than a diversion from the Cypress.

Volume looks good. I expect there is little likelihood of you needing to haul 90 pounds of weight for camping.