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Wondering if anyone here has paddled the Zone. My husband is finally getting serious about the possibility of committing to some time on the water. He wants an SOT…this is non-negotiable for a variety of reasons. He is 6’5", about 230 lbs and dropping. We’d be doing mostly flat water (rivers and lakes) together and though someday I’d like to get him camping (and thus have room for gear) my main goal is to spend time paddling with him. Ideally, whatever boat he buys would be a nice once-in-awhile boat for me, but as I’m only 5’3" our needs in boats are slightly different. He is looking for comfort over the course of a half day trip (say 3-6 hrs) and for ease of handling, relatively straight tracking, and would like some speed. Right now he is considering the Tarpon 140-160 and the Zone. I have to admit, though the Tarpon is an easier and cheaper choice, I think the CD Zone would give him more room to grow into the sport, better handling, and better gear storage down the line. (Not to mention I think I could rack it on my own in the hot Florida summers while I’m borrowing it …) He doesn’t fish or scuba so I don’t think he really needs the accoutrement that the Tarpon has to offer. Having never paddled a Zone, I was hoping someone had some input. He has paddled before but for all intents and purposes should be considered a novice on the water. Thoughts? Input? Thanks in advance- Toddy

I Want One!
Just looked at the Zone specs.

It looks like a boat that would handle much more like a traditional sink.

I have a whislter and will never sell it. CD makes a great boat. I also paddle a cobra navigator. Also an excellent boat but the two are night and day in what they do, how they feel, and what I use them for.

I think you are comparing two very different boats and need to test drive if you can! Let the fun begin.

I hear the seating is high
I have not paddled a Zone but I hear the seating is high. I have a Tarpon 160 and it is more comfortable than any kayak I’ve ever paddled. If the Tarpon is being paddled solo you’ll want to figure out a way to lift the bow onto the back and just shove it forward. I use a rubber bottomed bath mat to help facilitate this. I know the Tarpon is heavy but it is a fabulous boat! The tarpon also has more storage cabacity than most 18 foot boats I see, but ut’s real strength is it’s all day comfort!

Current Designs Zone

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I test paddled this boat last Fall for about 2 hours as I am very interested in a high performance SOT. I am 6'9"/250 with a 38" inseam. I have paddled a OC Prowler 15 SOT for 3 years now. Love the boat as it is bullet proof and very stable. However, as I have become a more proficient paddler, I have been looking for a SOT that would offer better performance--especially in open ocean conditions. The CD Zone fits the bill. This boat offers performance that will rival a SINK of similar dimensions--especially with a strong paddler. I picked a tough day to test as we had sustained winds of 15 MPH and gusts 20 to 25. The bay conditions were choppy with white caps. At first the boat seemed real tippy, but I was able to get used to it fairly quickly and compensate. You will be using your hip muscles a lot more for balance than on the wider SOTs. Extremely fast, turns pretty well for a long boat--rudder is very helpful, especially under the higher wind conditions. Although I would have prefered another inch or so extension on the rudder controls, it was pretty good--at 6'5", your husband should have no problems. Fit and finish seemed to be very good--about what one would expect from CD. Other than a few of the more exotic and hard to find performance SOTs from S. Africa and Australia, this would be one of your best choices if your are looking to step up on the performance. I'd have one in my garage by now if it were not for the $2200 price tag...................good luck!

Echoing the sentiments of others--definitely try it out first!

Uh oh! Flip, that is not what I needed
to read. Now I’m wondering what I can sell to get one.

Toddy,it is good to hear you might get your hubby on the water.

Thanks for the input
We will definitely be testing out whatever we buy. Probably a purchase we will mull over for awhile as well since there are so many other projects and items on the wishlist. String, got your email. Sorry, I won’t have a Zone to bring you on the Chaz. I do think the Tarpon is an awesome boat, but we are looking for something a little different and perhaps not quite as wide. I really think the Zone is a great compromise. Been looking at some of the other threads lately and obviously I am not the only one looking for an SOT with some of the features of a SINK. Will keep shopping…and drooling, for the time being. Thanks for all the info and reviews.- Toddy

you and me both String!!! i will trade one of my QCC-700s for one!!

I plan to go to Charleston to paddle
one soon.

Hey guys … Never saw one in person
but it looks like there is plenty of room left to simply remove and redrill the foot braces or even put a full gas pedal footbar system in.

Cool boat.

There happens to be a CD Zone for sale in the P-Net classifieds. It’s in Maryland.

hey String
let me know what you think about it… I may have to come out of retirement to buy one though…