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I just bought a Current Designs Storm kayak. I was wondering what the difference between it and the Storm GT? There is nothing about the Storm on the CD website just the GT model.

Thanks in advance Dan

There are plenty of reviews of the boat here on p-net. It looks like some are for the Storm, some for the Storm GT, have to read them to find out. You could try emailing Current Designs directly too.

Storm specs

– Last Updated: Sep-22-14 4:24 PM EST –

This site lists the Storm specs:

You can compare them to the GT specs listed at the Current Design site.

There was a redesign several years ago that mostly changed the hatches I think that’s when the cooler “GT” was added.

Nope that is a GT. Look at the name on the bow

Oops. Had to use my iPad in order to enlarge the photo. Didn’t see the “GT” when I found the link on my desktop.

deck lines
are prob lower to the keel…the design was ‘chopped’ in hot rod jargon. Reducing deck heights reduces ‘windage’ increasing forward speed potential or reducing energy consumption.

The ‘GT’ appellation is current motor vehicle speak for up (or down) grades to a ‘stock’ design production, a functional step up from adding a sporty nameplate on the trunk lid.

GT was a class of performance cars capable of traveling across Yurp’s Mtns on country roads to Monte Carlo, quickly. A prepared ‘GT’ was capable of running Le Mans.

The ‘was’ establishes the ‘intent.’

A little searching found this ad for a Storm with attached info, looks like it’s from an old CD catalog:

There you go…
That shows the old hatch system.

The Storm was a great go to guide/rental boat as almost anyone would fit in it and it looked good on the water.

Thanks, GH