Current & Jacks Fork liveries and levels

It’s been probably 20 years since I lived in MO and paddled the Current/Jacks Fork. I’ll be back in the state the week of the 15th and figured it’d be a good chance to do a weekday trip.

Anyone have any preferences on canoe outfitters for the sections of the Current above Pulltite and for the Jacks Fork? Are any of them better/easier to deal with if we end up bringing our own boat and just want to arrange a shuttle?

Also, any references on minimum levels would be appreciated.

Eleven Point River!
Don’t forget it, it’s a National Scenic River, does not suffer the idiot college crowds, and the outfitters are top notch…

I Always Used the Maggards at Akers…

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...and they've been good people to deal with. As for the Jack's, Windy's in town on the South side of the bridge. Don't know the charges, as it's been probably 20 years since I've used shuttle services from the Outfitters. Or, with some notice, WBaker here on and I are frequently on the Current. Drop me an e-mail with the dates and a shuttle is a possibility.

As for water levels, don't give the Current a thought right now, there will be plenty. Jack's might get a bit scratchy, but e-mail me a a few days prior to your trip and I can give you first hand imfo.

I get a bit "Grumpy" about all the expert imfo that says to "Stay away from the Current River." If you avoid paddling on Summer weekends until about 3-4pm Sunday the hordes are not there. I frequently go in the summer late Sunday afternoon and find the upper Current pretty much deserted. Yes, the Eleven Point is a wonderful place too, but all the "Hype" about how bad the Current River gets a bit old. I have been on the Current about a dozen days this year and seen probably a maximum of 2-3 boats a trip. I just don't go there Friday, Sat, or Sunday morning. WW

Yep, another beautiful river
Used to do overnighters on the Eleven Point when I was in HS and college. We’ll hit that one, too, some time.