Current River, Mo levels

Does anyone know what the levels/cfs were on the Current at the Fall Rendevous? Do you normally go by the guage above Akers? What leves/cfs would be too low and what would be too high for novice paddlers?

What levels/cfs would be too low and what would be too high for novice paddlers on the Elven Point?

Same question for the Jack’s Fork.

I am trying to start watching the guages so I can get a better idea of how early I might want to come up for the Spring Rendevous to do some extra paddling. I am hoping to get a better feel for how quickly they come up and down around the good paddling levels.


Not Sure of the Level , But Probably…

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...was around 1.6'-2' on the Akers gauge. Oftentimes the summer and fall levels on the Current will get down to 1.5' and then it is considered "Low," but not "Too low." I've been paddling the Current since the late '70's and have NEVER seen water levels too low to paddle from Akers down. About a mile and a half above Akers, Welch Spring adds enough water to keep the river paddleable all the time. Bob's paddled it another couple decades longer than I, but I'd be willing to bet he's never seen it "Too low to paddle" from Akers down. Here's the link: WW,00060

Current river levels…

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I have never, since I first paddled the Current in the late 50s, seen it too low to paddle at least some sections of the river. There may have been times; I just never saw them personally. That is not to say that I haven't had to look carefully for a narrow thread of deep water, or have never had to get out & line a canoe through some shallows. Have done that quite a bit; particularly in the middle of Summer.
The section from Montauk to Akers is the section you are most likely to find to be too shallow.

I have seen the Jacks Fork too low to paddle without getting out of your canoe quite often & for long distances. The section from the Prongs to the Hwy 17 bridge(Buck Hollow)is often too shallow to paddle on the Jack's Fork. That is unfortunate; I like to paddle that section.

The worst shallow water I ever encountered was the Thomasville to Cane Bluff section of the Eleven Point in the mid 1980s. I truthfully believe we dragged canoes at least 3 of the approximate 9.3 miles in that section. I have never been back to that section & vow never to do it again. I have never seen the Eleven Point below Greer Spring too shallow to paddle.

Seldom are water levels on any of those a problem in the Spring.


Thanks guys
I want to do some extra paddle either before or after Spring Rendevous. Will make the decision on which side based on weather and water conditions so thought I would try to get familiar with the guages and the meaning of the readings. Hopefully I make the right choice and get 2+ weeks of good weather and good water.


Hope I can too
Would like to get about a hundred miles in after the drive I have to make.