Current River, Mo. levels

Just saw that Current River at Akers was 1380 cfs. I think at the fall Rendevous it was 250-300 cfs.

At what rate should relatively inexperienced (on moving water) paddlers consider not making the trip up to the Rendevous. Remembering what it was like at 300 cfs makes me think I should reconsider paddling if it is over 600 cfs. My paddling partner will be in a 14ft plastic seakayak. She has done the middle section of the Buffalo in it at moderate levels. She is probably a little more experienced in moving water than I am.

Would especially appreciate any comments from any of you who saw me paddling at the fall Rendevous since you have a better idea of my skill level.


I am certainly no expert on water levels- but I would think if you have any experience on moving water and are with a group, you would be safe up to 750 or so.

I floated it last June at 450 and made a note that the water level was about perfect but maybe a little low for my liking.

She should go down pretty fast since there is not much rain expected before your trip- If your partner has paddled the middle Buffalo in high water- the Current will be a piece of cake.

Isn’t half the fun anticipating the water level???

Take a chill pill…

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There was significant rain in the Jacks Fork/Current River area "last" week.
The combination of rain & runoff led to a good rise in the water levels of both those rivers.

There is very little rain predicted for that area "this" week; 10 % or less on most days.
Both rivers are already dropping significantly(as they are both prone to do)when the rain stops.

As I always do; I will be posting a multi day weather forecast, and the river levels (on several occasions) "prior" to the Ozark Rendezvous.
I have a tendency to err on the side of safety when I post my "opinion" about what to expect.

On the other hand; I know that skill levels rarely improve when paddlers are not prepared to push their comfort zone on occasion. The worst that usually happens is you get wet. You always have the option to line through, or portage around anything that raises your pulse rate to an unacceptable level.

Your personal knowledge of your skill level, and your comfort zone, combined with the weather forecast & river levels should tell you all you need to know.

Try to keep a positive mental attitude Mark; the Rendezvous doesn't officially start for another 7 days! If you choose to show up early; make a well reasoned decision about where, when, and with whom you paddle.

It's Spring time in Missouri & that means repeated weather changes & fluctuations; sunshine, wind, rain, t-storms, cool, cold, warm & even hot temps are possible.

BUT, sky is NOT falling.


P.S. If you are a no show you'll miss the class Terry is going to give on surviving strainers after you get your pfd hooked on one.
Rob's wife Pam is going to give a class on the proper position to maintain while being hauled into the river bank on the end of a throw rope, on either the Current or the Eleven Point rivers. I'm going to give one on why you shouldn't look back upstream to check on your wife's progress while negotiating a ledge with fast moving, shallow water, and boulders present. Darryl & Ginny will present a class, relating to practical experience they gained, rigging a Z drag haul system on a Missouri creek. Wally, if present, may offer options to his "how low can you go/limbo technique" for going under strainers in a kayak. Rob will be available to discuss the damage your Royalex canoe might sustain on strainers, at the bottom of S curves, when the Current is running at a "sporty level". Pat Cannon might be able to add a few comments about the safe retrieval of a vintage, fiberglass canoe, off of willow saplings on the Jacks Fork. Terry's wife, if present, can offer suggestions on how to maintain your balance on top of a mid river boulder, after Terry has gone downstream alone with the canoe. Barb will be offering insight on the noctural habits of the fish gigging, Cajun population on the Current river, and how not to antagonize them. Duggae will be available for instruction on how not to run standing waves on the Buffalo river in a Mad River Guide. Sloop can teach you the fine art of falling asleep & falling out of a Supernova & into the river.

Thanks guys
We are coming up even if the water level looks too high. I was mainly wondering if I needed to spend some extra time planning some alternate river trips. We are leaving Sunday morning, so I was not sure if I would see your forecast Bob before we took off. If for some reason we choose to pass on the Current, I am sure I can get some good alternates from you guys on Thursday before you head out.

Looking at the levels today, I feel better about the situation. I am a even a little more cautious than normal since I am responsible for bringing someone else with me. I have not seen her paddling in enough moving water (I was not on her Buffalo or Rio Grande trip) to really understand her skill. All I could do was describe the Current in relation to the Llano River that we did paddle together. Since I only saw the Current at the fall Rendevous at about 300 cfs, I was worried that I may have seriously understated the river conditions that we would have.

Looking forward to seeing you all.


my seminar on getting wet gracefully… seats are filling up fast…-

my seminar on getting wet gracefully… seats are filling up fast…-


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Unless I am dead; pre Rendezvous weather forecasts, river levels, and "opinions & suggestions" will be posted before sunday, and probably posted again the following monday, and tuesday.

After that; you make your choice & suffer the natural consequences of your well reasoned, or ill conceived decision.

Hope to see you all there.


not sure what the level was
but I did 100 m iles on the current last week.

id say it was at an average level and no point i would describe as difficult.

at worst a couple of technical strainers, and some fast current/eddys that could cause the less experienced to ‘spin out’

overall id say the current was much easier paddle than the eleven point or jacks fork

Current river…

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This past weekend the Current was up to flood stage.
The river was closed by the Park Service.
I believe that was what Mark was referencing; not the Current river at normal levels, which is benign at best.


Bob, Looks Like You’ve Got A Full…
…slate of seminars scheduled. Heck, kinda like a mini Canoecopia, the “Ozark Canoecopia” (LOL)! I plan on hitting the water Saturday with some novices from work, Mark. The level should be down to 2.5’ and around 1000 or less CFS by then. You can’t predict springtime weather in the Ozarks, but it should be fine.

As a footnote, Wally and I planned to hit the St. Francis Monday afternoon after turkey hunting. The St. Francis, which floods more easily than the Current, rose about 8’ in 8 hours, so we scrapped our plans.

Also, there may be a little johnboat traffic from Roundspring on down the next few weekends from turkey hunters. See you all soon! WW

i hope my unique style of propeling a canoe downstream doesnt confuse any of those hunters…

the problem with thebob’s memory
is that it’s just too darn good! lol Sounds like a great repertoire of educational opportunities at the rendezvous.

Just Don’t Gobble!!!

i better wear orange

A turkey…

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A turkey paddling a boat, or wearing hunter orange is "still" a turkey.

Yakjak; you qualify.
I didn't say that, but Terry did in a private email........


Bob, you’re killin’ me, can’t wait for you to be doing that “In person!” Oooops, better get off to work! WW

hell , ill be the first to admit it…
by the way there will not be a tent shadow demonstration this year the park service informed me that this is a family friendly campground and i should stop pumping up air matresses at night… im aware that this was a very popular demonstration but ill have to abide by the park service decision…sorry …see ya,all next week