Current River Pics-

My wife and I spent Saturday-Monday camping at Pulltite. We floated two days- day one Akers-Pulltite and day two- Pulltite to Round Spring.

First time the dog has been on a camping and canoe trip:

Nice Pics
Didn’t know there was a city named after me (LOL)! How does the “Outward Hound” PFD work? Was looking at them yesterday for our little Rat Terrier. WW

Nice dog, but sheesh! Let’s see more

AWESOME WATER! Looks like a great trip.

to much dog
too much dog. No scenery worth showing instead of the dog? Bummer, expected something better.

This was her first trip using it and frankly, she wouldn’t go in the water further than her shoulders. I didn’t want to “throw her in” for fear she would not enjoy it and then I wouldn’t be able to bring her again. (my dog of course)

So I have no idea how well it works- as a side note to all the rest upset with too many dog pics:

My wife takes one trip a year with me- as you could probably guess the dog is like her baby, therefore hundreds of pics, I tried to delete as many duplicates as I could. This is the one trip I don’t take many pics and rarely have control of the camera.

I wished I could have showed you the deer crossing the river or the Osprey sitting in a tree watching us. Or even the bobcat I saw lurking the shoreline… but, one camera one canoe and sitting too far apart for me to get my hands on it:)

Getting ready for a trip to the Upper Buffalo (if the water is right here in November). or maybe the Upper Jacks Fork… Stay tuned for those pics as I promise you will see more scenery.

Weekend at Pulltite
Small world. We spent Thursday through Sunday at Pulltite as well. What a perfect weekend!


Thanks for the nice pictures

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of your family and your dog enjoying the Current River. It brought back many very good memories. I know that river well. My dog RockC grew up paddling and camping with me and lots of friends on the Current, Jacks Fork, Eleven Point and Buffalo rivers. A good dog can be a joy on a canoe/ camping trip.
And remember, " A good dog, is always better than an anonymous ill tempered internet #$@&^" see ya later..............doug