Current river trip report. 100 pics


and a full description…

Thanks, I’ve done the 11 point, and
we’ve visited landings on the Current, but your shots give a better feel for what the river is like.

Some pace!
Did I read it right that you covered 60 miles in a day? How long were you on the water? Too bad the camera was put away, I’d like to know what the river looked like, since I’ve been thinking about making that trip.

Bummer that you had a run in at the check point, especially since you were not even driving. If I understand it correctly, unless you are driving or have been detained under suspicion of a crime, there is no requirement to identify yourself to the police. Of course, depending on the disposition of the cop, insisting on the right to remain silent might have got you a nightstick in the gut and a trip to the slammer anyway. And requirements may vary by state. Maryland just tried to pass a law requiring self-identification. Anybody know if he had to say who he was in Missouri? On the brightside, you now KNOW your record is clean in Missouri!

Did you rent your boat or bring your own?


If you’re going to the current or jacks fork I’d suggest Windy’s Canoe rental. I have no affiliation with them but they are really nice people and have a couple of Nova Craft Prospectors


it was a long day
paddled pretty much all day at a good pace. woke up and broke camp, I was probably on the river no later than 8am and paddled until about 30 min before dark.

most folks wouldnt call it a relaxed pace… but it wasnt paddling all out all day. I was enjoying my budweisers and the scenery.

the part of the trip that the camera was put away wasnt very spectacular… it reminded me alot of the lower parts of the meramec river. It was very beautiful and worth seeing, but I wasnt very motivated to photograph it

and I wouldnt recommend any 60 mile day trips unless you know what youre getting yourself into. a long day trip for most ‘normal’ folks is 20 miles