Currents around Cape Cod

I am planning to take some time off and go paddling around the upper cape. Probably even try out a new pacific action sail. I will be going out of the harbors and marshes as long as the wind is reasonable.

I also want to spend time out at Race point.

I dont know whether I will do the bay side or the ocean side…generally I pick the side where the wind takes me ashore.

  1. That being said, are there any currents on the bay side or ocean side that are constant and do not vary with the tide?

  2. What is it like to paddle in the rip tide off Race Point as noted on the NOAA charts?

Can you access Eldridges?
Borrow a copy, since we are in the latter half of the current year? Or maybe see if you can scrounge up last year’s - may give you a good approximation for what you want. That is a wonderful resource for the Cape Cod area - would that the equivalent existed for much of Maine.