I paddled an Impex Montauk last week, curious how the Currituck is different/similar.

Currituck for bigger paddler
That’s perhaps an oversimplified answer, but that’s the basic difference. The Currituck is about a foot longer (17 ft vs. 16 ft). I test paddled a Currituck and it wasn’t for me. I have a Montauk and love it. I am about 135 pounds/5 foot 3. The Mystic also worked pretty well for me, but I felt the Montauk gave me more flexibility for long trips and bigger water.

I’ll second that
I tried both - the Currituck is roomier and, for me, faster. Both are very responsive and nice-handling boats.

Being slightly taller and a lot heavier than the previous poster, I went with a Currituck. I’ve never felt that it was too much boat for me.

just curious
I’m supposedly too big for the Montauk but I liked how it handled

Montauk & bigger paddlers
I’m 6’ and 200lbs with a 33 inseam so I just fit the standard foot rail length in the Montauk in my instructional fleet. For me it’s extremely nimble and manuverable but I definitely don’t get the same glide as I do with a Currituck or taking that a step further, the Force 4.

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