Curtis Blue Gill

Has anyone an opinion on this older solo, mid to late 80’s boat? I am looking at one for solo tripping in the BWCA. I have never paddled one before and am looking for suggestions. I am 6’4" @ 225. I also fish a lot.


Haven’t seen one, but found info on
the Hemlock site, where a used example is up for sale. I have great admiration for Curtis hull designs. I own a boat of similar dimensions (MR Guide), and regarding your BWCA ambitions, I would say you could do trips lasting at least several days IF you are pretty disciplined about the weight you carry, and if you are ready to observe caution when lake waves get heavy. I don’t think that a boat that length (14’ 6") is going to benefit from bent shaft hit-and-switch the way longer Curtis boats would, but you could use a double bladed paddle if you have to progress against wind or time.

Let me know if you were already aware of that Bluegill on the Hemlock site, and if you have talked to Curtis already.

It should be perfect for you. All Curtis boats are super well made and the Bluegill is known for stability and should easily handle your weight. It won’t be the fastest boat on the water but it should be efficient, stable and enjoyable for normal use. I haven’t paddled one but saw one at Chicagoland Canoe Base and sort of regret not buying it. You could call Dave Curtis at Hemlock and talk about it; I bet he’d love to tell you about it. You could also call Chicagoland Canoe Base and ask Ralph about it.