Curtis Lady Bug is fun on rivers.

I took my Curtis Lady Bug out on a river for the first time today and am quite pleased. I just bought the boat this spring and changed the stock seat to an Ed’s canoe cane bucket seat and installed a Wenonah slliding footbrace and had paddled it several times on lakes to get to know it and was ready to try it on rivers, which was my main reason for buying it. It was as close as I was able to find to a Bell or Placid Boatworks Flashfire at a price I could afford and not have to drive a thousand miles to get it. The Curtis Lady Bug is very similar in size and handling to a Flashfire, but it’s no longer in production.

I’ve been using my royalex Bell Wildfire / Yellowstone Solo on rivers for the last four years and had been looking for something smaller, lighter and with symmetrical rocker for a better fit and more predictable handling in the moving water. At 31 lbs, the Lady Bug appears to meet all of those criteria.

It seemed to be pretty smooth crossing eddy lines and didn’t get the upriver side pulled under when I was parallel to the standing waves. It seemed easier to surf standing waves than the royalex Wildfire / Yellowstone solo and less pushed around by the currents. The stern was definately less sticky than the skegged stern of the asymmetrically rockered royalex Wildfire / Yellowstone Solo.

I actually wanted to play in the standing waves in the Lady Bug. Paddling rivers is fun again, though I’m more squeamish about grinding the composite Lady Bug on rocks than I am the royalex boat.

I paddled most of the time sitting and using the footbrace, but dropped to my knees when I wanted greater stability or maneuverability.

The section of the Salt Fork River that we did wasn’t very technically challenging today, good water level and not many sweepers or deadfall to deal with. No big or dangerous drops or waves and the fun features had plenty of flatwater in between to allow plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you’re near my size, 5’6" and 155 lbs, and enjoy solo canoes, don’t pass up a chance to try a Lady Bug or a Flashfire.

I’m a bigger paddler
been watching for a Bluegill to show up for what seems eons. I don’t recall ever having seen a Bluegill for sale. I don’t know if there just weren’t that many made, or if people who own them won’t sell em. Maybe both.

I remember seeing that Lady Bug in the classified for a long time, and I was soooo tempted, but I am just too big for it.

Glad you’re enjoying it.

Don’t bring it to IPR.
Paddled the Wildcat yesterday and you will likely be scrapping bottom a lot.


Thanks. Probably the royalex boat for
IPR, then. Unless they get more rain.

And a VERY Nice looking boat too!
I really like the white gel coat with the wood trim. And, I may have to get one of those contoured cane seats! Fun paddling with you Yanoer.