Curtis Mayfly

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I saw one of these advertised,never heard of one.can anybody tell me anything about It?

If you email Dave Curtis directly @

– Last Updated: Mar-13-07 8:14 AM EST – at Hemlock Canoe Works I think he will send you a copy of the original catalog page. It was one of the early dedicated solo canoes and a very fine boat.

Curtis Mayfield
Curtis Mayfield has played a major pivotal role in soul music over the last 40 years and has influenced countless musicians (and politicians).

Between 1961 and 1971, he wrote a succession of influential singles for his group, including ‘Gypsy Woman’ (1961), 'It’s All Right, (1963), ‘People Get Ready’ (1965), ‘We’re A Winner’ (1968) and ‘Choice Of Colours’ (1969).

Curtis wrote tender love songs and those protesting social and political equality.


protesting social and political equality
Andy, Either Mayfield was a jihadi or you meant to say he protested social and political "in"equality.

Sorry Brian…
I just copied and pasted. Didn’t read it carefully. “Inequality” would be the correct usage in that case. You can’t get good help anymore.


Curtis Mayfly
Length 12.5’

Width 24.5" rails, 26.5" max, 25" 4"wl

Center Depth 11.5"

The MayFly, a David Yost design, started as the SoapBox which was designed for Emily Brown at the behest of Dana Grover.

It was a down sized varsion of the LadyBug; Gothic arched with bubble sides and a fair amount of rocker.

Someone decided that small women would never be able to extract the subtlties of the forward stroke, so Mayfly’s stern was v’d, compromising performance for skilled paddlers.

We borrowed a MayFly, removed the seat and plopped in a boat cushion, playing with the idea of using that hull as a pack canoe in 2004.

It wasn’t quite stable or dry enough, nor did it turn as easily as we wanted, but it remains an important design - the first composite solo canoe for smaller women.

Curtis canoes were always well made and finished, so a MayFly in good condition will be a fine solo canoe for smaller folks - but it’s a small tripper, not a river runner or FreeStyle hull.

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Curtis Mayfield Superfly
Bringing back some serious memories :wink:

Thanks Charlie.

Where else but PNet would you get the specs and the history.

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You are a wealth of information! I always learn so much from your posts. Including your response to my footbrace leaks… Thanks!