Curtis Nomad

The old Curtis Nomad solo design tends to conjure up fond memories in a lot of people. Not being familiar with the design, what was its intended use? Flatwater tripping?, play boat? What was the primary and seconard stability like? Rocker? Thanks, Jim C.

15’4" Nomad

– Last Updated: Apr-04-05 8:12 PM EST –

Was and still is a favorite flatwater solo especially here in the NE. It has low primary but good secondary stability, not much rocker. It is a very fast canoe. Many people who have this canoe will not get rid if it. It's a classic. If you go the Dave Curtis's Hemlock Canoe Works
site you can see todays answer to the Nomad is the Falcon series boats. It would make a good tripper if you travel on the light side. It is probably a better weekend or day cruiser. I think if you email Dave he will be glad to tell you the exact specs on this boat and he may even send you a page from the origional catalog.

Also there is one for sale there too. Price tells all. For a 17 year old canoe to hold a value like that is impressive.