Curtis Nomad

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I've paddled the Merlin II and like it but I am typically more drawn to old classics, than the latest technology. I've done some searching and found quite a few posts where people really seem to like the Nomad. I've not come across a Nomad for sale. Anyone know if they pop-up from time to time, or is it pretty rare to find one in good shape?

It’s extremely rare to see one for sale

… in any condition. I’ve kept track of the want ads here for about 7 or 8 years and I don’t recall ever seeing one for sale.

That’s kind of what I thought would be the case.

The Mold
I(s safely at Colden Canoe. infused carbon/arimide hulls with integral rails weighing ~28 lbs should be available spring 2011.

That is…
great news! Will wood trim be an option?

Curtiss nomad
Have one for sale, it is on eBay right now or email me