Curtis Nomad

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Wha Ho, Pilgrims

Gots a chance ta (hopefully, maybe) pick up a (modified wit some a'mighty purdy woodwoyk) fibberglass Curtis Nomad fer a great price.

How much o' a deference be thaar 'tween dat boat an' a Hemlock Peregrine (which ah' already gots)? Thanky kindly.


If you pass
I’m sure many here, including myself, would be interested.

Few things.
It’s less drawn out at the stern and the bottom is rounder. Sheer is less. Less volume in the bow and stern.

It’s going to be 10+ lbs heavier than your Peregrine. But I think it paddles better.

You really don’t have room for another boat. You might need some offsite storage. I’ll gladly store…that Peregrine…while you get accustomed to the Nomad. Just put a cooler or two in it, when you drop it off.

Read this

I asked the same question (sort of).

In particular check Kim’s (Yellowcanoe) responses.

biggy biggy diffy.

When I get mhy Colden Nomad the Peregrine is going to get kicked out of the nest.

Its a decent boat no doubt but the Nomad is so sweet.

I just wish my fiberglass kev Nomad had the weight of mhy CF/Kev/FG Peregrine. That five lbs seems to be a big deal on Canadian Shield portages.