curved gp?

Saw someone on the water using a gp with a slight bend or curve over the length of it. Anyone have any experience with this variation and what is the intent of curving it?

Mine has a slight curve in one tip
but that’s only because of a an error by the …uh…“manufacturer” (me). Doesn’t inhibit its performance in any way.

I’ve seen a couple of the ones you’re referring to on the net - I imagaine they have kind of the same effect of a bent-shaft paddle - ??

Could it be…
the “wing paddle” for Greenland folks ?




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Maybe, sort of. If you use that straight one you won like it's a wing (though with closer lower hands) - with a bit of cant (wing attack angle) you'll see that GPs all are wings (and more).

My Aleut paddle much more so - at least when used ridge forward (more like a euro when used the other way - but still unique either way).

A link…

More a matter of the taper being on one side than evenly divided, which to my eye seems part way between straight GPs and Aleut types - which I find to have very different performance. A blend would yield a good paddle, but I’m not sure I’d want to split the difference as the differentiation is nice. I may have to carve one at some point, but happy with straight GPs and Aleut for now.

The paddle has probably
warped. Some paddles made from one piece of lumber can warp due to wood grain. It usually doesn’t make much difference if it is just a little.

I agree that’s probably the case
Most anomalies you see in GPs are not intentional. If you get a chance, ask the owner.