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is there anyone out there who makes custom built whitewater kayaks? I am a rather big man and the biast i know about would ink if I got in them. I am 6’5 400#s. Is it even possible to get one made that would hold me in whitewater?

and no, I don’t really want a whitewater canoe.

try these folks

They should be able to give you some leads.

Hmmmm maybe a Tandem
Not sure this is a good idea but … There are Tandem whitewater kayaks that are in production. You might be able to make a cover for the front cockpit. There is a big guy about #280 lbs who paddles one with his girlfriend I know. Looks fun. I don’t remember the brand but I will into it.

Side note: Would you fit in the seat? I have a sit on kayak that is rated at 350 lbs and tried to take one of my wife’s friends, she weighed about 200 lbs but had a very large caboose and we had to get her into the boat with a shoe horn.

PS Composites, too
You could try these guys, too:

Not many 400# people get into whitewater kayaking, so I doubt if there are any existing designs out there that would work. But you might find a builder who would enjoy the challenge of designing a boat for that weight range.

good ideas
thanks for the info, despite my weight, it is mostly stomach. I fit in SOT’s. I have the frame of an NFL lineman, but with the added weight in the middle. (thats what I get for playing semi pro ball for 6 years).

a bunch…

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Mega surf kayaks now has a river baot
Murky waters has a large amouint of molds there....
Drakkar has some neat ones....

there are choices for you...

i would hit this up on is a white water kayaking forum...might have more info...

At least check out a Jackson Mega
Rocker. Otherwise, remember that making a poly kayak from scratch is a very expensive and time consuming process. A lot of designeer-builders have enough to do already and are not going to undertake a one-off boat design.