Custom Bulkhead?

-- Last Updated: Jul-28-06 8:42 PM EST --

This question is to those of you that have ordered/purchased a composite kayak with a custom bulkhead. I believe I understand the advantages (i.e. increased foreward storage space; comfortable/stable foot placement).

Do any of you regret the selection of this option?

I can think of one negative issue.
Up to now I have sold several boats and moved on to others. A custom bulkhead could cut down on the boats 'resaleability'. However, if the custom kayak in question is a Valley product the factory can also tap holes and supply hardware for a future footbrace installation. That option would allow one to sell the boat to a paddler of equal or lesser inseam.

Thanks in advance for your input.

No regrets…
…but I haven’t tried to sell it yet, I may be sorry.

Sounds like you have a thorough understanding and it’s not impossible to put it back to stock if so desired.

tap holes?
yes that is one disadvantage but… you don’t need the manufacturer to ‘tap holes’ for a footbrace install. it’s pretty EZ to figure this out on your own and install.

I ‘loan’ my boat a bunch so EZ swaps are tough with a set B/H. I also have found that a fairly large drybag with my emergency clothes fits nicely up there. I can access a change o’ clothes, even @ sea.

but… custom B/H is nice.


well i’ve never sold a boat
and dont plan on it…so a custom bulkhead placement is not an issue BUT good luck actually getting it custom placed…currently waiting on a Valley boat with a custom placement request-time will tell if they actually render what is promised.

No real regrets
My only minor regret in the custom bulkhead placement in my Aquanaut is that two different friends, who are each 6’4", felt very tight in the boat when they tried it. (One of them still bought an Aquanaut, having been able to spend enough time to find he liked the handling of the boat.)

MIKCo usually orders its stock Valley and NDK boats with 33-35" forward bulkhead placement. It seems to have little impact on salability.

I’m 6’ and the bulkhead is at 33". As I recall, average height for males in the US is around 5’9" Where did you request Valley place the bulkhead?