custom carbon fiber paddle

I presently use a Big Spoons whitewater paddle ( I think they went out of business, the 800 number just takes you to a voice mail system) anyway I would like to find a similiar paddle but with a larger blade. The one I have is the largest that they made when I bought it and I love this paddle but would like more surface area in the water. Any one know of a company that builds custom carbon paddles and not just one where you choose what they already have and put together the different parts?

Morning monkandpearl
Go look the ONNO paddle reviews on this site. Patrick at ONNO only builds one paddle at a time. They are custom (just for you), awesome and cheap. That is the good news. The bad news is that he is very popular and sometimes, not all the time, you may have to wait a little while. It is worth it!

Good luck


Mitchell Paddles
Small company, does custom work.

Second the ONNO
Patrick will take the time to figure out what you want and build a paddle with your specs.

You pick the ferrule (lever lock works great), the length, the extension, the style, the width (if you want something custom), etc.

Want the tips beefed up, he’ll make them super strong. Want lightweight, he’ll go easy on the epoxy to save an ounce or two.

The really great thing is that even though my ONNO is only about 6 oz lighter than my Aquabound, the distribution makes it feel much lighter. The blades weigh almost nothing and the dig in a lot more.

Just a great guy that builds an impressive paddle.


Yup. My BIG SPOON Rocks…

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second to my ONNO. Unfortunately, just had my ONNO "walked" away. If you like BS' big honkin' blade, you'll like ONNO.

I have a Big Spoon carbon prototype surf paddle (short shaft and big blades) which I wished had gone into production. Instead, the whole company just went under... :(


Thanks guys …
Please feel free to call or write with any specific questions you might have … as always. No presure ever … here to help.