custom decals

Someone recently asked where she could acquire custom decals so she could “name” her canoe. Any sources?

Sign shop
I had mine made up by a local sign shop. What I did was play with fonts on Word and brought them over to the shop and they made them up.

here’s how it came out…


Vinyl Letters…
Any graphic/sign shop can make custom lettering that will transfer directly to the boat.

Sign shop
Every decal on my kayak was made at a commercial sign shop. They designed my name and the sponsors sent their art work to them and each was made to fiy a certain area. The decals were a top of the line outdoor used vinyl.

Custom Decals
I can do them for you at a nominal cost and can send them all in one piece for easy application.

Send me an e mail with what you want and I’ll design it and send it back for your approval before making it.


that’s great for you Andretti
… but some of us don’t have sponsors (8…(

Damn, I thought everyone had a sponsor

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It's not that difficult. All you have to do is plan a 30 day trip, get the media involved, get a charity involved and bust your ass trying to raise money for them ....and the sponsors will come.

I forgot, you'll have to start out doing a long trip just for the fun of it to be recognized.

BTW this all happened by accident. I didn't go looking for it but I'll ride it till it stops and if it happened to any of you, you'd probably do the same.

I get all my decals from the Illinois
Department of Natural Resources. They cost $13 and last for three years.

just joshin’ ya georgia

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If I was a great paddler, I'd probably like the attention too.

But things being what they are, I pretty much suck. And that draws more than enough attention from time to time.

All Smiles

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Not sure if this link will work. I put a little smiley face on my Mirage for Halloween, before I sold it. You can get any sign shop to do names, the guy who did ths had some talent. You may need to spray some clear coat for added protection

This was done for 50 bucks

The boat may make it to Water Tribe this year, something I would have never done with it.

She will

here (link)

Click on portal for Car & Truck

using their dropdowns: choose color, font & type desired letters right on the website. Click and send, print an order number. Done. They send a confirming e-mail. Can call them before you finalize your order. Ray & company, nice folks.

In a very few days time you receive two strips where the letters are already formatted and spaced - just peel and stick on very clean surface. They send instructions w. order.

I used this etailer in April & the lettering is sharp cut, easy to apply. Made it thru first season in all kinds of weather/water/shore w/out any kind of wear. Four boat name strips shipped for under $18 at that time (price is up slightly since spring).

Whether you go online or not, choose a signshop like this one that has no minimum order and includes a minimal set up charge in the delivered price.

I was going to say
the only smiley face I saw…was the cute blond but then I saw her on the web page also.

She’s still cute.

web search
I got my flames a few years ago after doing a simple web search. I believe I ended up with a product from, but can’t remember for certain. There are several out there, with thousands of decals available as well as custom. Pay attention to installation recommendations and use a squeegee- the decals can be a bit delicate to install. Mine have been on for four years and have only chipped abit from manhandling the boat during rescues and surfing collisions. You’ll have a great time checking out the possibilities. Cheers

decal Info
Thanks for the information; glad the rest of you had some fun.

P51 Mustang paint job n/m

… and
some of us don’t have sponsons (3…(