Custom Home Built Deck?

I recently bought a harmony deck for necky sit in. I used it today, and while it was nice, I think I could create something much more efficient for my uses. Has anyone created their own custom deck? What sort of materials did you use, and how did you secure the deck?

I want something that will give me more room to access the inside of the yak, the Harmony is simply too big for my cockpit. I have to take the unit off in order to get in and out, while it is easy to secure, I would feel much more comfortable with something that has a little less surface area, and holders for my specific uses. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

you say it obstructs your exiting the …
… kayak ??

I don’t kayal but I thought you “always” had to have the ability to wet exit fast ??

Can you still do this with that deck in your way ??

I wouldn’t be able to, I would be able to wet exit, but not as quick as I would feel comfortable. That is one of the reasons I am looking into a custom deck…

Yup I did
I made a deck extension for my Sundance since it had such a large cockpit. Its made out of half inch plywood with a good coat of epoxy paint. I have a rod holder and a compass mounted on its top and a “glove box” underneath. The plywood slips into the notch created by the lip provided for a sprey skirt. Its held in place by quarter inch bungee rope that is attached to tie down eyelets that I screwed to the deck a couple of inches from this lip on both sides of the cockpit. When I bolted the tie down eyelets I put one on the top side and one underneath the deck held on with the same small bolts. I did this on either side of the cockpit and it holds the console in place securely.