custom kayaks

does anybody have any idea who could make a custom kayak (plastic, not glass or kevlar).

Since a poly boat mold can cost
a million $, good luck.

If you have a lot of money and a real
good idea, you might approach Liquid Logic. They have produced plastic kayaks in short-run production using foam plugs as a starter. But it ain’t cheap, and if your idea doesn’t interest them, they probably wouldn’t agree to do it for any amount you could conceivably afford.

so, why not composite?
any particular reason that it must be plastic?

surely not: coz it’s “stronger”


I think you can contact someone like Nick Schade from Guillemot kayaks. He just posted an invitation for folks to do so in the, soon to be 200 posts thread on the other forum…

I think the cost depends on the level of “custom” and the quantity of boats you want. If just one and only slight customizations (such as length) I think that would hardly add any $$$ to the price of a kit boat that otherwise works for you (it may actually be cheaper since you will use less material!). If on the other hand you want to start a design from scratch, then it may cost as much as Eric suggests …