Custom neoprene hatch covers?

My husband has CLC kayak he build himself. The custom neoprene hatch covers have dry rotted away and we don’t know where to get new ones made. (someone had them custom made and we can’t find contact) Would even try to make our own if we could find a little piece of neoprene. Keep finding place you have to order yards & yards minimum which is very expensive. Would appreciate suggestions for resources or people who make these kind of things.

You’ve contacted CLC?
I’ve gotten smaller amounts of neoprene at REI and at NOC. ( And because sea kayakers are big customers of sprayskirt makers, you may be able to send a tracing to Seals or Snapdragon and have them make you custom hatch covers.

I’ve made a giant hatch cover for the cockpit of a decked c-1, but the loose bungee method I used might not seal tight enough for a sea kayak.

Are your hatch covers different in some
way from what CLC customarily uses in their kits? What they show on their website is quite different from the hatch and cover systems on kayaks like my Necky.

differnt from what clc uses
My husband didn’t use a kit. Just bough the plans, modified these & cut the wood himself.

A long lost friend suggested he use neoprene covers which worked great til now. But we have no idea where this long lost friend got the covers. CLC doesn’t know where to find neoprene covers nor do they know who would make such an item.

We are in NYC (apartment) so we don’t have access to a workshop to even retro-fit other hatches.

Will try rei for neoprene.


I believe Brooks used to make custom covers, not sure if they still do.

Send a tracing

As the North American Agent for Reed Chillcheater, I have a full repair facility and can make a a custom cover out of Reed Aquatherm. Send a tracing and I can quote for you.


Reed in America?
Were can you buy it? I’m interested in trying some of it one for size.

Reed in North America
You can buy it on line at or at a Dealer list on the Reed North America website

Questions for Falcon
I am also interested in custom neo hatch covers.

Can you make covers with other material colors other than black ?

Is it possible to get these covers so they are hand cinched tight ?

Hatch Covers
Contact a Snap Dragon Design dealer or Snap Dragon there self. make a outline of the outside flange of each rim measure the height where the cover fits over they will make and can send them to you.

I’ll second Snapdragon

Seals sprayskirts will do custom neoprene hatch covers in an array of colors. They have a much faster turn-around than Snap Dragon and are quite reasonably priced.

Any dive shop.
Good dive shops will have some 2 MM Neoprene and thre means to sew it.

It will cost some labour but it keeps the work local.

Snap dragon has a great product too.

Hatch covers
Reed hatch covers come with bungy and toggles for cinching tight. The best feature of the Aquatherm material is its stretch which allows flex rather than implosion.

What color are you trying to find? and what material?

Are there any markings on the covers?
Palm makes neoprene round and oval hatch covers that are meant as emergency replacements for Valley hatches. However, they’re pretty durable and it could be that’s what you have. AFAIK, they’re still available.

Hatch covers
Presently I’m interested in white hatch covers. But I know a few others who may be interested in other colors. Is there possibly a color chart for the material choice ?

As for Material, I would be interested in whatever is water tight, for rolling and dealing with surf.


Neoprene hatch cover / older model

I’m searching for a source for a neoprene hatch cover for an older Northwest Kayak. The original cover is dry rotting. It fits over a hard fiberglass cover that goes on first. I’ve been checking on every site that I can find. Most of the sites offer the neoprene type that fit under a hard rubber top piece - that’s not the one will work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. As a last resort I might have to try and make one. This particular kayak model is no longer made.