Custom or retrofit seats

Hey folks. My old Eddlyline came with a jury-rigged seat/backband combo that does not work for me. I’m wondering if anyone knows of someone who can make a custom seat for me. It doesn’t seem that any of the available seats that you can buy from Oak Orchard or elsewhere will fit without a fair bit of work. And yes, I’ve been in touch with RedFish, but things are moving very slow, so he must be busy. Is there anyone else who does what he does? I do need a seat for an upcoming trip. Thanks.

Joe will sell you a “preformed” blank for a reasonable price. A lot of the work is already done and you just need to shape it to fit into your boat and have the thickness desired. Lots of aftermarket back bands are available or a back block can be constructed to replace the seat back.

Guillemot kayaks, but I’ve never used them so no personal knowledge.