Custom Sea Kayaks

Has anyone paddled or heard anything good or bad about these kayaks? Any first impressions? They are local for me, and price wise they are appealing, but i don’t know about the 25 in width.

What I don’t see
Perimeter rigging or RDF’s for same, or real thigh braces. But if they are custom this stuff could be worked out?

It looks like they use the same seat
as Old Town and necky uses.

Sorry, I don’t recognize that acronym…

Looks deep
No perimeter line or recesses for fittings.

Looks like a big, high-volume boat, but it’s hard to judge from photos.

according to google
Resource Description Framework, or

Richard Dawkins Foundation, or

Reality distortion field

size is similar
to a kruger dreamcatcher. Would probably be good for long distance unsupported paddling.

They look pretty decent.

The RDF (reality distortion field) might make these more fun to paddle than most boats too. :wink:

Maybe from angstorm’s post…
Recessed Deck Fittings. Makes sense to me.

grab handle included (but not shown)

this would send up a red flag!



Let’s maintain some standards here…
Honestly, Steve, I think you need to be quite a bit more careful in your use of technical language. You have a reputation to maintain, you know.

The proper technical term for the emoticon =:-0)

would be “Yow-ee”.

“Yee-haw” would be =8-D or =8-)))

excuuuuuuse ME!


those hatches are another one
I’d say a person would be getting what they payed for with those.

Made Ya Laugh :slight_smile: NM

Run in the opposite direction
The only positive thing I can see about these boats is that they’re boats (as opposed to there being no boat at all), but that’s a pretty low bar to set, all things considered.

And where does the “custom” come from? Do you have a choice of having either a deck or a hull? Or both?


The coaming doesn’t look like it’ll hold a skirt, looks like a raised portion like a normal coaming but with no lip? That and no perimeter lines, I’d be wary of someone that has no idea of what they are doing selling kayaks like this.

Bill H.

Piling on
It looks like they bought a mold for an old high-volume barge of a boat and have little idea what makes a good - or safe - kayak. Run away.