Custom Spray Skirt

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Has anyone ordered a custom made spray skirt online?

I haven't had any problems finding a skirt to fit my cockpit but the tunnels are all too small for me. I was thinking of getting a Seals skirt but it seems they want you to order from a local shop for them to do the fit but my local shops are Dick's, REI and EMS. The only real paddling stores are a 2 hour drive for me and it is hard to find time to make that drive.

I have ordered two custom skirts
They happened to come from SnapDragon. You trace the outline of your cockpit coaming on a large piece of paper and provide your waist size. You should also mark the tracing with the location of your backband for proper fitting or the tube. SnapDragon provided me with instructions/suggestions.

I sent both tracings directly to SnapDragon, but as you indicated I had to place my actual order through a SnapDragon dealer. In fact the dealer I used was 3,000 miles away. I just paid them with a credit card and once completed SnapDragon drop-shipped the skirts to me.

I believe Seals works the same way. You do not have to physically drive to the dealer. Give Seals a call and ask them who they suggest you place your custom (mail-order) through.

Yeah, its a bit goofy, but it seems to work. Seals and SnapDragon are both trying hard not to undercut local paddling shops.

What he said
Plus Immersion Research will do custom as well, contact via their web site.

Reed Chillcheater
Everything Reed Chillcheater makes is custom and good prices for the product your getting.

Thanks for the advice.

Never even knew about Reed.

Seals make custom skirts. I had a Seasprite made for me. It had a neoprene deck and waterproof material tube. The cockpit fit was excellent. The tube looked like a Shar Pei below my PFD. They made me a new one. The tube has to fit over the seat to make sure the deck is taut. Call them and see if they can make the tube to fit you. I love my Snapdragon Glacier Trek. They state they make customs.


I had Seals customize a skirt
I wanted a handle on the grab loop of a Sea Sprite skirt, so I called Seals, and they were happy to oblidge. I ordered through my local outfitter and Seals customized one for me. Not sure if a big box store would do this for you.


Call Seals!
I’d also say you should call Seals. They have been the best! They made a custom skirt for my friend’s Borealis XL, adding an XXXL tunnel for him based on his measurements. Since we are only an hour from their shop, he took them the boat to measure. It was a new model, and they were pleased to get their hands on one to measure.

As an example of their level of service, I had them repair a neoprene skirt that I bought used a few years ago. I pulled the tunnel loose from the deck after using the skirt a lot. I fully expected to pay for the repair, but they sent it back nicely fixed, free of charge. They paid the return postage, and sent along a zip portfolio as a gift! You can’t get better service than that.


Borealis XL
What does your friend think of the Borealis XL? That is one of the few touring kayaks that might actually fit me.