Custom/Tall Wetsuit Recommendations

Tall Lanky Kayaker In Need of a XTall wetsuit, Farmer John Style.

If I order a 3X or 2X suit for the height (6’5 to 6’6), the chest dimensions are typically huge on me. Knowing that I need the thing to be snug/tight in order for it to work properly, can anyone recommend a vendor that will make or makes a tall suit (Long Inseam/torso) without the extra chest girth. Not opposed to getting a custom suit, but need one that is suited for kayaking.


The BigYaker

Check with surf and dive shops…
…on online resources for surfing and diving. You should be able to find someone who can make you a suitable Farmer John.

How warm does it need to be

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polartec aquashell 2000 might be an interesting alternative but it is not as warm a 3mm neoprene. Easy to work with though, a possible do it yourself project.

I recommend against a wetsuit for
kayaking. Even a farmer john is going to impede your paddling. A goretex drysuit with relief zipper is a much better solution. I’m 6’ 5", started with a wetsuit, and couldn’t even walk around the bank in it without becomming uncoordinated from the movement interference of the wetsuit.

I Personally Prefer Drysuit But…
TsunamiX15 (Tony) does fine in his wetsuits, even in the midst of NE winter paddling.

Kind of depends on where the original poster is paddling and how far into the season. If it’s down south, heck the NRS hydroskin is really stretchy. A smaller hydroskin farmer john will stretch and accomodate a wetsuit top or maybe even another layer of aquashell bottom as well. This is, of course, not a good combo for later (or early) in the season in the northern climes.


Custom Wetsuits…
Custom suits cost more, but you get a perfect fit in return. I’ve ordered 2 paddling wetsuits from and I’ve been very satisfied. You can also customize zipper and padding locations to your liking. I know they have made quite a few suits for paddlers so they can help you through the different material/design options. FYI, I’m not affiliated in anyway with liquid fit and I’m sure there are other custom wetsuit makers out there, i’ve just used their service in the past and was very satisfied.