custom trailers

I searched for an old thread I saw where someone had posted pics of their trailer, but I can not find it.

I am thinking of getting a cheap utility trailer and rigging it for hauling a 16’ canoe. Does anyone have some pics handy?



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I would advise you to fix the trailer for more than one boat. You can envision a "T" trailer then add a storage box (lockable) then add trees for the amount of boats you want. What I did was had a stick built trailer with the rectangle box to attach my then truck camper to. I then got a piano henge to allow me to raise the top or leave it closed. I could handle 5 canoes at once. The trailer was 3500lb.I'll have to load the pic for you so bare with me please.
follow this lead and look for pictures then theyorkiereports.

Here are some ideas
I use a utility trailer and it works very well. I’ve got it set up to carry from 2-7 boats, depending on what I use.

And a dang fine one it is…
I’ve used it and it rocks…Redmond oughta copywrite the plans and sell them…

redmond, are those
minicell blocks undeneath those boats? Do they run the width of the boats? Any issues w/deformation?

They’re just
the foam blocks you buy to put a kayak on your roof. Never had problems with them. I cut them in two so I could separate them and move them out to the sides. The chine area is very strong and doesn’t deform like the bottom. I put velcro on the bottom of them and on the wooden rails so they wouldn’t slip out.

rear clearance
i noticed the kayaks come pretty close to the back of your vehicle. has it ever been a problem turning? any precautions?

Yeah, you gotta watch it. With only one in the center its not a problem. With two you can bump them. Did it once as a matter of fact! (it was at a slow speed and no harm done.)

thanks Redmond
I am not sure if that is the same trailer I remember, but you sure have put a lot of work and thought into that.

I am wondering how nervous you get having that much overhang off the back end in traffic.

Also, did you run into problems with any certain set-up you showed, or do you just like trying out different ideas?

Trailer photo

I converted a single axle boat trailer to haul four canoes. Email me at and I will send a photo and description of what I did. Good luck with your project.

Jim C.