Custom Truck Racks!!

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This message is intended to encourage truck owners to have a custom aluminum rack built rather than buying production models.

Just purchased a newer (used) 06 Dodge Cummins to replace my ancient 500+k mi Cummins. Like I did with the old truck, I had a custom rack built for this rig by a fabricator who builds commercial aluminum boats. For $1000.00 I got a gorgeous, heavily built welded rack with detachable risers and side posts (for surf kayaks). And the whole thing can be unbolted from the 1/4" mount with extended feet which sits between the bed rails and canopy, so I can easily remove it for better economy. He asked $700 and I gave him $1000 and I got the deal!! This thing can hold 1000lbs with ease, will never rust, and represents value to me not attainable with a production rack system, AND I got exactly what I designed.

Old veggie Cummins is donated to local organic farm where it will live its remaining life hauling produce to market on oil squeezed from sunflower seeds grown on said farm.

Newew 1 ton 4x4 cummins with custom leather etc gets 26 mpg on freeway with economy setting (Edge Programmer) Run bio in it and so far so good.

So how about a pic or two ?

yes, pictures!!

email me
and I will forward pics to your email.

I have a 05 dodge quad cab dually
4X4 with the desiel and my computer says I get 18, but when I check it I get 13.5. I was looking at the chips for fuel milage, I guess they work then? Chaz

They do and pics later guys!
Got several private emails and will send some pics later after work. If one of you can post em here that’s fine with me,I just don’t know how.

A one ton four wheel drive…
diesel pickup is a lot of machine for hauling kayaks. What else do you haul? Sounds like a great truck for towing something very large…


Use a truck every week

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A Prius or Subaru will NOT work for me. I run on bio fuel..

In last month alone: Composite tooling, custom boat in Sonatube, 16V71 cylinder head, steel davit, two Newfoundlands (daily), tools... Haul a work boat from time to time as well on trailer.

Plus the truck pisses eco freako's out and does better than their Subaru's with kayaks atop, and that gives me pleasure.

But the paddlers with the little cars
don’t need a step ladder to load and unload !

I much prefer to load and unload from my little Ford Escape than from the top of my F-150

Jack L

I guess…but I just slide the boats
on from the rear and stand on the tailgate to strap rear down and inside aft door to secure the fronts. Pretty darn easy.

For those who asked for pics I sent them off today.

May be overkill for some, but for enthusiast who also may haul heavier loads this is an economical way to go I think

Sounds like a great truck!
I would love to drive a big truck like that all the time. The fact that it gets decent milage is cool too. Going to a welder to have a custom rack made is a great idea - you get exactly what you want and you keep the money local.

Salty’s truck rack pics

It is a heck of a lot cheaper
and a lot less profile to use Yakama landing pads, with 78" bars.

(about quarter the price)

And the bars go on and off in seconds

I was expecting to see his rig on a truck without a cap

jack L

Yes, depending on needs

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But this is a commercial grade rack that is FAR stronger. Yakima bars won't support tooling, or a 400lb plug, or 8 kayaks and two surf boats. And certainly not for years. Mine didn't even have stainless hardware....

It's way overkill for most and I get that, but it represents a lot of product for the $$.

Friend did custom pads on his cannopy with heavy alloy cross bars for $200.00 and far better than any Yakima.

The point I'm making here is not to suggest a Yakima Thule or other system wont work fine, rather to encourage people to explore the custom rack alternative. Mine is certainly overkill for most but "anything" at any level can be fabricated for you, to "your" desire, AND you are paying for materials and expert ctaftsmanship only, NOT marketing, and foreign labor.

Look at those pics and ask yourself if you could buy that rack for $1000 from Yakima or Thule or whatever??? Not a chance, and that is the point.

Mine will last a lifetime, was crafted by a local expert who can do anything you want for whatever vehicle you may have.

So hopefully this will spark others to explore who may be in their community who could do similar for them.

lookin good
nice set up - bio/campershell/racks