Customer Service - Necky

I don’t want this to sound like a shameless plug for a company. That being said, please note the following.

I recently posted that my daughter had saved some serious baby sitting money with the desire to purchase a new kayak. After riding the demos and so forth, she did settle on her initial choice, the Necky Elaho Sport. Our local shop K.C. Paddler took exceptional care of her during the decision making process and were truly interested in assisting her in making the correct decision.

She made her purchase and let’s say she had some QC concerns with her new boat. In an attempt to be a good dad I contacted Necky and that’s the reason for this post.

There are lots of good companies peddling lots of good products, and, just the opposite. The dealings I’ve had with the folks at Necky today were nothing short of fantastic. They addressed my concerns quickly and, like K.C. Paddler in the sales process, seemed like their number one concern was to correct the issues at hand for my daughter.

This is not meant to be an add for Necky products, just an endorsement of a quality customer service team concerned with the end user and their issues. (I only wish some of my inside personel showed the same desire to please as the two I’ve recently delt with at Necky!)


Thank you
It is nice to hear about good service about one of th esponsors of P-net. I don’t do Kayaks but It is a good thing to know.

Necky Kayak
is part of Johnson Outdoors, which is part of Johnson Wax. I live only a few miles from their corp. offices in Racine WI.

Johnson Wax has become one of the largest private family owned businesses in the world. It is well known throughout the area that they take care of their employees and customers rather well.

Good to know
Often, when shopping for a boat, people will find themselves trying to choose between two or three boats that are so similar that it’s very hard to decide. In fact, we see that a lot in these forums. In such a case, it seems to me that knowing about a company’s customer service attitude could really make the difference in which boat the buyer chooses.

It certainly made the difference for me–I got a Necky late last fall. And though I haven’t had any problems with it, I already knew about their customer service reputation. Good to know it continues to hold true.

good people at Necky…
We don’t need to go into detail on the QC issues we have on the boat because I’m sure that they are an exception rather than the rule and the issue is being resolved.

I didn’t know what kind of response I would get from this forum if I tossed a “customer service” post out to the world. Your comments are well put, it’s nice to know when making a purchase, or trying to decide on which boat you want to invest in, that the customer service team for the product not only stands behind it but they want the customer completly pleased with their product.

You know, another point I neglected to make was one that when you call Necky, guess what picks up the phone…a real person!! (At least the times I’ve called.)