Customizable Spray Deck for Inflatable


I’m in the market for a spray deck that I can attach to my Sea Eagle 385. The spray deck doesn’t have to be a perfect fit. I just want a way to limit the amount of water coming into my kayak. Ideally I’d like to attach it with D-Rings. I contacted Sea Eagle about this, and of course, the company doesn’t make such a product. I know there has to be a market somewhere out there for this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.

Not sure if this would work for you.
If not, maybe it will give you some creative ideas.

won’t work

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The SE 385 is essentially a sit on top kayak. A spray deck won't work on a craft with such low sides. Virtually the entire paddler's body is above the level of the sides of the 385. There is no design of spray deck in existence that would adapt to that design.

The AE Convertible is a much deeper hulled boat that was designed to accommodate a deck.

Accept the limitations of your boat. You're going to get wet, 'tis the nature of the beast. If you want to stay dry, you need to buy a SINK (sit inside kayak) or a canoe with gunwales high enough to support a deck that will clear the paddler's legs.

buy a self bailing duckie
some have the option of opening or closing holes on the floor.

Self bailing- water runs in, water runs out. Depending on the duck you might have a wet bottom in a self bailer.