Cut neck gasket on new warrantied kokatat drysuit.

Easy to do I have friends that are afraid to cut so they choke.

Just get it nice and even around the edges of pot or dish. It’s a cheaper dog dish I used as there is no handle in the way.

Thanks Kokatat

You could even put masking tape and then cut it using edge of tape as guide. New blade, bright light, slow hand, and patience. It’s no big deal.

Kokatat has such small neck gasket. They have ONLY one size. At least thats what they told me about 2 years ago. I use NRS large neck gaskets for replacements. no cutting needed.

It says large. They have large and small. My necks 17.5"

Nice cut. Mine is less even, but still works fine.
Yeah, their gaskets are not for the faint of heart. They do get a lot better quickly though. Stretch over a large bowl overnight and cut as needed and then in an couple of days out it will be fine.

LOL… I made the mistake of replacing mine and not trying it on before I went on a trip early fall this year (prior to my NS trip). When I pulled on my drysuit at the put in I couldn’t breathe well and my face was turning reddish purple. So, what to do? It was chilly enough already that I knew I should be wearing it. So I took out my Mora knife and very carefully trimmed off just one ring, using the plywood platform I have in the back of my pickup as a cutting board. I figured I’d need to clean up the cut at home later, but I’ve looked it over carefully and I wouldn’t be able to do a nicer job if I tried.

It took a few more wearings for it to stretch and become completely comfortable. I didn’t want to go overboard and have a loose gasket either.