cutting down a SK paddle

i’ve got a nice 230 cm Big Spoons kayak paddle that is now my spare. i would like to make it a 215 and am not sure the best way to go about it. cutting down both sides the same amount and gluing in a new ferrule seems logical but where to get a new inner sleeve ferrule that is precisely the same dimensions as the original one? anyone have any experience trying this?

Shrinking the paddle

– Last Updated: Dec-30-04 11:39 PM EST –

I shrunk my one piece 218 carbon Barton "wing" to a 216. I cut it in the middle with a hack saw, sanded both pieces flush with a belt sander & file, glued in a 7"x1" carbon insert with 5 min Devcon epoxy. (I had to sand the insert by hand with 40 grit for about 30 mins to get it inside the shaft). Looks really great & very hard to tell it was ever modified. I used another adjustable paddle to gauge my offset & got pretty close. No problems or leaks! Good luck.