Cutting ends of neo gloves fingers?

I have some Glacier gloves which fit my hand width but fingers are to long. So if I cut them can I aquaseal them? I think I may need to stitch them also? Opinions please. Thanks.

Rather than cutting off the tips to shorten them, I would be more inclined to cut off each finger right below where your first knuckle joint hits and aquaseal the intact tips back onto the glove by sliding them into the stubs left on the glove until I had the right length, then mark that point and glue them back together with Aquaseal or other rubber adhesive. Since the fingers are molded (I have a pair myself) I think that trying to glue the ends themselves together would not work well.

Maybe that was already what you planned to try. I think it would be a little tricky but if it worked it might reinforce the point where they tend to wear the most by having a double layer there under the knuckles.

You might also want to try wearing thin liner glovers with them, which might make them fit better as is.

Not much to lose in trying a modification since they are pretty inexpensive to begin with. At worst you could end up with another pair of fingerless paddling gloves.

You could also try selling them and buying a pair in another size – most of their models come in small through XXL.

I have XL but the width is tight and my hands got cold on the back on my thumb side. These are XXL that I want to cut. Yea worst case is I have finger-less gloves. Thanks for your tips. WLeaf

I think I’ll see what the factory does if I can turn one finger inside out.