Cutting holes into neoprene

I have an all-neoprene spray skirt I don’t like using in summer because it’s too hot. For summer I have a breatheable nylon spray skirt that came with “lash tabs.” Those tabs didn’t have any bungee included so I used some mini-bungee I had to create some rigging which I can use to hold a water bottle or other small object(s) on top of the skirt.

I’m now thinking I’d like to cut some small holes in my neoprene skirt, add small loops of some sort for the “lash tabs”, and create some rigging with more mini-bungee.

Any advice regarding materials for gluing and backing the neoprene after I’ve cut or punched the holes? Will the neoprene unravel or create ragged edges? It obviously needs to still be waterproof but I have really gotten used to having this rigging on my summertime skirt. I know the deck of the skirt will sag with weight on it but I’m willing to deal with that. I don’t (yet) do any rough water paddling so pooling of water on a sagging deck probably isn’t an issue for me.

Thanks in advance!

I wouldn’t cut holes. Instead, you could
use neoprene glue to glue on little neoprene loops, or maybe you could use Aquaseal to glue on little Nylon loops, or loops made of other fabric suitable for the job. I would do a lot of pre-planning and a trial or two before committing to the project. ALSO, when you glue on the attachment loops, the skirt should be on the boat, so that the tension of the attachments is appropriate.

If you cut holes in the skirt, there will be weak spots, and you will have to do something to keep leakage from occurring. The deck of a sprayskirt is under tension when it is on the boat, and one does not want holes cut into it.

it’s beyond me why on the skirt
and not on the deck of the kayak.

Shouldn’t all the trinkets and stuff be on the deck infront of you? Most kayaks (if not all) come with bungie cord attached to the deck so you can place stuff there to your heart content… or until you capsize and have a yard sale, or is that pond sale?

in neoprene sprayskirts! They are designed to be stretched fairly tight and you’ll destroy the structural integrity needed to withstand the stretching.

If you really want attachments, sew them onto a skirt stretched onto the cockpit and then seal the stitches with Aquaseal. Leave it stretched till cured.

Tip: Cotol is a solvent that speeds the cure time of Aquaseal. NRS carries both and you can mail-order it.

Or just buy a sprayskirt with a pocket.