Cutting minicell foam

I need to cut some 3 or 4 inch thick minicell foam. Can I use a bandsaw, or does this stuff get hot and melt? suggestions?


Band saw good

… cut minicell like Italian bread

electric bread knives or a hacksaw…
…blade with duck tape at one end.

I always cut it with my band saw.
The cuts are as smooth as a baby’s butt.




Serrated bread knife
Worked just fine for me cutting 3" minicell by hand. Smooth knives even when sharp did not work nearly as good. I imagine a band saw might work better yet.

I used a regular
hand saw and shaped and smoothed it with a belt sander.

The hand saw left some rough texture… so probably isn’t the best tool… the belt sander works great…

Band saws are ideal…
…and they’re what foam product manufacturers use to cut Minicel.

Chop saw
I own no band saw. Will a chop saw work and if so what rotary blade?

Me use big honking steak knife …
Wedding present from Japanese friend …

Samurai kayak outfitting …

I haven’t tried a chop saw…
…but I have tried a table saw. The results were mixed, as the blade had a tendency to catch and tear the foam at times. It seemed to be a problem of the sides of the blade catching the foam, due to friction. Based on that, I wouldn’t recommend any type of rotary saw. Apparently, the band saw works because there is relatively little contact between the blade and the foam other than at the teeth.

I use my scroll saw and then the band
saw when too thick. I also have an emergency wire saw (wire between two rings)that works pretty good as well. Japanese paddle saw works to. Bill