Cyberfix Adhesive

A buddy of mine just gave me a starter kit of an industrial adhesive known as ‘Cyberfix.’ The company is based out of FL. Evidently he purchased this at the NY Boat Show after watching the demonstration. At the auto shows and motorcycle shows there’s no shortage of small companies hawking their products: everything from polishes to fuel additives, etc. I’ve run across some metal polishes and plexi cleaners, anti-fog products, etc. that have worked amazingly well, but am always a bit leery of applying something that might have adverse effects despite its claims to the contrary.

Curious if anyone’s had any experience with this product and its applications?

Is that the stuff…
…that claims to bond polyethylene and polypropylene? If so, test it and let us know what happens. Try gluing a couple of milk jugs together.

Same Stuff
Reading the instructions, there are three parts to it: Cyberprime first, then Cyberfill, and finally, Cyberfix catalyst.

I’ll give it a shot and report back.

Still just super glue
Looks like the same stuff discussed a few weeks ago, just a different manufacturer.

Not the same
but probably similar. (German made) (Australian made)

Well, isn’t Australia just south of
Deutschland? }:wink:

No, due north