D-ring catches on Stohlquist PFD

On my Stohlquist Motion PFD, there’s a plastic D-ring on the left and right side just in front of the triceps when wearing the PFD. You can see them in the picture, in the upper left and upper right corners of the yellow area. http://www.kayakproshop.com/ST_motion.html

The D-ring on the right catches on the fabric on my dry suit, at the triceps on forward stroke.

I’m thinking of just removing the D-ring. I’d have to break it off as it’s one piece plastic. What might one use the D-ring for, anyway?

Hopefully the web strap loop that remains won’t catch.


Paul S.

usually used to hang miscellaneous gear.
Whistles, mirrors, compasses, gps, etc. all could be hung from those d-rings. But if they’re getting in the way of your paddling motion, just cut the darn things off.

Kind of an odd location. None of our
PFDs have connector points there, including my old Stohlquist Max. If I wanted anything attached in that area, I would just use one of the cinch straps.

I think you can safely cut them off. From the picture, it looks like there are plenty of potential attachment points.

If it’s already snagging on my arm, I wouldn’t hang anything there anyway. Just wanted to hear what it might be used for, before removing it. Thanks to both of you.

Paul S.

if i had tha pfd i would clip my
tow belt biner there…easy access…but enough out of the way as well…